10.Rescue Mission (2)

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    The drive was long but listening to my brother and Lilly sing along to Disney classics
made the trip a little more tolerable. Other than constantly stopping to get food for Justin and for Lilly to go to the bathroom, it wasn't completely horrible.

We had an hour left of driving so Lilly decided to share some stories about the trouble her and Adrianna gotten into at the foster home.

   She told me about the time they snuck into the other littles room and put lemon juice and salt on their paci's. The next morning they watched all of the other littles faces scrunch up in disgust. She also told me about the time they hid from Ms.Ava for a whole two days. Hahaha I believe it all too. Adrianna could be troublesome but I really miss her a lot.

Hopefully Lilly was right about Adrianna acting the way she was because of their promise too each other. I would hate to find out that she just truly didn't like me.

There was only a little bit to go before we were there and Justin and Lilly are already asleep. I can't wait to get my baby back.


This was a rough morning but I've currently just been laying in bed trying to avoid everyone because I was just to sad to speak without crying.

I wonder how Lilly is doing.....I hope her new daddy is a sweetheart and treats her like a princess. I bet you she's probably gave him hell at first hahaha.

Interrupting my thoughts that girl from yesterday walks into the room. Immediately she rolls her eyes and walks out after seeing me in my bed.

"Thank the gods above. Didn't want you in here anyway" I say as she's heads out the door.

She quickly turns and stands in the doorway.

"What's your problem with me?" She ask.

"Do you want a list?" I snicker to myself.

She stands there waiting for a genuine answer. I sit up in my bed and face her.

"Okay my problem with you is that your attitude sucks. Also my best friend Lilly was supposed to be here instead of you so you caught me by surprise and when I tried to ask you about her you got nasty with me. Should I continue?" I look her in the eyes and wait for a response.

"Listen I didn't mean to come off so bitchy but come on you approached me in a way that wasn't friendly. I also don't know who Lilly is. I'm new here." She says.

"I just wanna be friends because you seem nice. We just started off on the wrong foot." She adds.

I stay silent thinking about her offer. I mean she does seem like a sweet girl.

"Yeah I guess we could be friends. Actually I never got your name." I say.

"It's Melody" she smiles.

Before our conversation continues Ms.Ava peeks her head into our room and asks me to come to her office.

I say bye to Melody and tell her I'll see her later. Following Ms.Ava, I begin to think about why she's calling me to her office. Am I in trouble? I just got back, what could I have possibly done in such little time?

Ms.Ava opens her office door and tells me to have a seat. I do as told and sit in the chair in front of her desk. She sits behind her desk and pulls out a file.

"Did I do something wrong?" I blurt out.

"No Adrianna you did nothing wrong darling. I actually called you in here because you're being adopted." She smiles.

"WHATTTT?!" I say with fear in my eyes.

"Yeah I need you to pack your stuff so you can meet him" Ms.Ava informs me.

"Umm wow. That was quick..... I guess I'll go pack." I say half heartedly.

  I leave Ms.Ava's office and head back to my room. Melody is sitting and a table coloring when she notices the look on my face.

"What happened?" she asks rushing to my side trying to find out.

"Ms.Ava just told me I'm getting adopted and that I have to pack up my stuff." I reply.

"Wow that was quick. You only got back yesterday." Melody states just as shocked as me.

I grab Oreo and my bag that I came here with yesterday. There wasn't much to pack because I never had the chance to unpack anyways.

  "Well I guess this is goodbye. Sorry that we didn't get the chance to be proper friends" I state with saddens in my voice. I hand her Oreo because I wanted to leave her something to remember me bye. Melody hesitated before taking the stuffie but then accepted it while giving me a huge hug.

"I hope we see each other again" Melody says.

  Ms.Ava meets me in the hall and brings me to the man who's adopted me.

Ava meets me in the hall and brings me to the man who's adopted me

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He was cute but not as cute as Jack. He kneels down to speak to me.

"Hey Adrianna, I'm Devin." He smiles and kisses the back of my hand. I quickly pull away and wipe my hand on my shirt. 

  "Don't be a bratty bitch" He leans in and whispers in my hear.

He grabs my hand and squeezes it letting me know to keep quiet.

  "Well thanks for everything Ms.Ava" he says with a fake smile pulling me towards the door.

I snatch my hand away from his and begin to cry.

  "Ohh suck it up. Stop being such a brat" he yells in my face. He begins to pull me towards his cars. He opens up the door for me and then closes it. I still had tears in my eyes as I waited for him to get into the car. I felt as if I was waiting for a big to long. I picked my head up and noticed that he wasn't there.

  Before I could even panic the door on my side opens and I'm picked up. I look at who it is and......JACKKK!

"Jack oh my gosh. I missed you so much. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean any of it" I rush to say what's been on my mind.

"Shh I know, I know. I say everything that happened. It's okay I'm here now. Nothing's gonna happen to you" he states.

  Jack walks my towards his car and as we're passing Devins car I see him passed out by the drivers side. He deserves it.

Jack opens the car door and I can't believe my eyes.

"Lillyyyyy! Oh my gosh I missed you. What are you doing in Jacks car? " I ask while also noticing a man sitting beside her.

"Well explain everything on the drive back. I'm just so happy you're back!" She squeals.

"Me too" I say smiling at Jack. He starts the car and begins the drive back home.


I hope you guys liked it!!

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