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[A video plays, with Diana seated inside an office, staring straight into a phone camera. She's in her Deputy Greens, shield on her chest, hair tied back into a tight bun.]

If you're watching this, I may already be dead.

[She laughs nervously, shrugging off the fact that there may be some truth to that.]

My appointment to Eden's Gate was different than the other Deputies. I... grew up in Hope County, born in-house somewhere near Dead Man's River, to Adam and Liliana Evans. My older sister Cassandra and my younger brother Oliver were a pain to grow up with... but I loved them. I knew the people and most of the locale fairly well. The Rye's... The Palmer's...

I went to San Francisco State University. Lived in California before moving back to Montana. I joined the PD in Missoula. Spent enough time monitoring gang activity there so that must be why Whitehorse agreed I would be perfect for the task. He gave me shit about leaving a cozy detective spot—but I told him I wanted to come home. He said it wasn't going to be a walk in the park, that much I knew was true. It was going to be taxing. It was going to change me. I remember my old partner Fisher wasn't quite the same when he came home, after spending time undercover with the local Irish mob that had settled in the city. Missoula, of all places... it was so odd. I expected something like that out of New York City proper. Jersey, Chicago. Not my city. He'd forgotten things about himself. His family, his own children... it was heartbreaking. Yvette left him after about six months of him getting out. He could never discern the difference between Clancy O'Riordan and James Fisher.

The plan, Whitehorse said, was to infiltrate. Assimilate. Retaliate. We would stop them from the inside. And I agreed.

When I got back, Nancy was kind enough to give me a little insight to what I was getting myself into. She told me she'd done extensive research on the Seeds, a new family who'd moved into town sometime ago. Within months, their reach was far into the outer territories; Holland Valley, where I used to help my mama pick fruit in the orchards. The Whitetail Mountains where my papa used to take me and my siblings fishing as a monthly tradition when he wasn't working as one of Adelaide's mechanics. We had a small family encampment of homes and bunkers out in the Henbane, Preppers starting to become a thing when I was at least ten, and my siblings eight and twelve. Lots of the townsfolk called them 'crazy' or 'paranoid' but my brother knew they were onto something.

The county I returned to after transferring? That wasn't the same place where I grew up...

It wasn't my county anymore.

[The video cuts out, and a new reel starts.]

If you want to know where I've been or what's happened...

From what I remember, the night I set out to meet them, we had a Marshal... Burke I think his name was? Hudson was there... Old man Whitehorse—who just couldn't sit back and "twiddle his thumbs behind his damn desk" when a fed was on the case waving around some warrant like he owned the place. He kept rambling about jurisdiction and tried to pull rank... smug bastard. I was just glad I had Staci there with me. He'd been so nice, so helpful getting me re-acclimated to the place and the new shield.

I remember traveling via chopper to the church, on the island where Joseph held his sermons. It was a quaint little place, that looked wicked from the outside, especially in the dead of night when we arrived. Burke would take point with Whitehorse not far behind.

[A cut in the video. A stretch of time has passed. Diana has changed. Her hair is longer, her demeanor is different. Subdued. Her body is somewhat scarred and the way she is dressed and sitting, you can see bruising on her skin. She hardly makes eye contact with the camera.]

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