Chapter 8

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Ugh. He fucking said that he'll be coming tonight. Fuck.

"Yeonha." Said my dad. "What's gotten into you.." I quitely said as my eyes dripped the salty liquid.

"Nothing? I'm the same as before" He replied simply as if it was nothing. Actually, I've never seen dad like this before. I never did. What's gotten into him? What if.....

What if it has something to do with Prince Min Jae...?

Ugh. Stupid yeonha. Dont be a fucking detective now. But blah? That unknown isn't coming.

"Who are you to treat me like this? You old retarted king! Just get retired"
"What was that!"


Thats when my father dragged me into the corner room, the glassroom. And slapped me. Wow i'm getting used to his new mode. "Dont you dare talk shit about your father. What I did is for our countries sake. Dont drag family in between the matter."

"Wow...." I scoffed. "You know what dad? I just remembered... You used to scold me if I say rude word, talk shit, read novels." I laughed with hatred. "He killed mother. The lady you loved, dad. For the country, what you're doing? Looks like you gave mom away. And your giving me away like i'm a smirk or a handshake. Like you never cared about us. Just for this ass hat country which will be always like this?"

"Yeonha watch what yo-

"Oh yeah dad. Watch what YOU say. What you said earlier, I'm Talking shit? About who? My father? No dad. I said shit about you, not my father because as long as I know him, he is not like you." Thats when I ran out of the glassroom. To the largest balcony of the castle.

"Why dad. Looks like I will have to marry Min Jae now."

Someone's hand snaked around my waist and an electric wave passed through me. "Fuck." I whispered as I hold the Man's waist tighly. He chuckled. "Afraid of heights now, aren't we?" Heard the voice.

I decided not to speak. Until we land.

And when we were on the castles ground, I did a good 4 minutes human-check on him. "Oh, Mr Unknown huh?"

He chucked. "For you, that's very likely. But we gotta bush outta here."

"What's bush?" I asked. "Ugh nevermind. So yeah. I will not let you marry that Prince. If you want that."

"Dont act up like my bodygau-

He lifted me up with a 'shhhh' and I repeated after his 'shhhh'.

It was a black bus. Gaurds were already after us. Bruh, its not easy stealing a member of royality than a stupid 2 beads crown.

"Get in." He said and was getting out, Just when my hand landed on his wrists and the words left my mouth. "W-what about y-you.."

he raised an eyebrow. "Mhm uhhh y-you're not getting in?"

"Oh someone started caring? For this Mr. Unknown?" He smirked. "Die!" I said and pushed his hand and he just went by, chuckling.

"Gotta take care of some buissness."

After he left, the bus started after 2 minutes of silence. While hurrying up, I tosted myself at the backseat.

Alot happened today. I am so fucking filled up with rage and am tired. But only novels can help me at times like this. Maybe pizza too but yeah i should actually take a nap thats it.

Im sleepy.


I'm quite a good sleeper. But actualy Today I'm hearing some disturbing noises.

Like a trank. Maybe some ruffling noises. Them train-like shukshukshukshuk that you make from your mouth.

"Hahahaha! Train"


"Now guess this."


"No, a giraffe."

"A fucking turtle dude."

"It's a fucking giraffe. I can tell. Just by looking at them moles and your arms described as the neck of the giraffe."

"Please Jimin. Anything but a giraffe."

"Hahahaha, thats a porcupine"

"No hyung, that's not it."

"Namjoon it's not a porcupine. Its a pink peppa piggie. Now let me watch this mirror please."

"Hey dont push me!"

"Why do I smell something funny?"

"Did Yoongi farted again?"

"I dont know hyung"


"Yoongi is sleeping."


"But hyung you didn't guessed it right!"


"But I already said it's a giraffe!!"

"WAIT WHAT? You bitch! Dont lie I never fart!"


Silence setted in the bus. Oh wow. Peace.

"Jimin stop crying."

"Namjoon, taehyung is also crying. Check on them both while I drive."

Wait, Drive? Am I in a car? Oh yeah the black bus. Wheres Mr. Unknown? What in the world? Hello?

"But hyung.."

"Atleast tell me why are you both crying?"

"Yoongi hyung said we ate crows..."


Finally I shouted. "Jimin!"

I sat up straight. "Oh god taehyung."

"Who's this beauty?" Jimin guy smirked. "Huh?! Nobody here is beautiful except for me!"

I glanced over at the voice. "Excuse me your handsome, not beautiful."

"You're excused" Said jin guy showing attitude.

"Jin actually just sounded like our boss, bang PD nim." All of them started laughing.

A tall guy came, taking a seat beside me.

"You must be yeonha."

"Oh Yeah hi but how do you know my nam-

"Jungkook talks alot about you. He was actualy right. You really are a pretty one."




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