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Iris' P.O.V

"Lets go see Johnny", I say taking a deep breath in and out.

My heart is pounding at the thought that this may be the last time I am able to say he is alive. It's so painful, and I don't even know what to expect. My heart is so heavy, and my mind is so light. Johnny, the only person I had a friend in may be gone.

"Come on", Harry says rubbing circles around my back as we walk to his car.

"That's Johnny's dad", Harry tells me as he pulls his phone out of the pocket of his black skinny jeans.

Why would he be calling Harry? My heartbeat becomes so hard, I feel it pound against my chest.

"Iris", Harry says with wide eyes.

I knew what he met at that moment. My hands start shaking and my head gets heavy. I leave the car quickly, rushing to Johnny's room.

"Iris I'm so sorry", Harry says following me.

"No Harry! It's not ok, he's gone!" I cry in his arms.

I never would've thought that when Johnny left me I would have someone to hold me in their arms. I break the hug rushing to look at Johnny's clothes. Looking at his clothes builds anger in my blood. It's all his father's fault! I hate that man!

"Harry just let me go for now!" I cry rushing outside. I look back to make sure he hadn't followed me, luckily he didn't.

I'm not going to Johnny's father, I'm going to do something I never have; my sober streak is going to end. I need to forget, I need something to help. Rushing into my car, I speed in the small streets to the nearest liquor store. I grab whatever I can find on the shelves and go to pay for it. Leaving the store the weight of the liquor bottle gets my hands sore. My tears have not yet dried and I don't even want to think of how I look at the moment. I open the liquor bottle and the smell hits me making me throw up in my mouth. Looking at the bottle I think for a second, but I can't bring myself to not doing it. Slowly I push the bottle against my lips, and the sour taste runs down my throat sending adrenaline through my body, and I just gulp down the whole bottle before I know. I recall calling Harry, but I don't even know what I said or who called first.Four bottles of vodka and three bottles of beer later, my vison is almost black and I can feel the alcohol work its way back up for me to vomit. 

I'm wasted.

Harry's P.O.V
It's been five hours and Iris hasn't answered any phone call or message of mine. I can't help but worry. I let her go for a bit because I figured she'd need it. The memory of her knowing that Johnny passed before I could tell her breaks my heart. I hate that pain, I recall it when my friend Liam passed. I hated life and I couldn't bring myself to do anything, I used my pain and song writing abilities to make music for Liam.

"Harry", Iris slurs as she answers the phone.

Sh*t! It never crossed my mind that she would drink. I need to know where she is right now. I try my best to get the answer out of her, but she is too wasted for me to understand anything she is saying. Even though I can hardly understand what she is saying I can still sense the pain in her voice.

She's hurt.

I continue to think of a way to get to her before she does something dumb while she is drunk. Bad thoughts rush through my head such as what if she gets into a car accident. Quickly I rush into my car and I drive through town looking for her car. My eyes lock with her car at the local liquor store, I mean it makes sense that she would be here. Once I park, I speed to the car to see Iris knocked out. I have no idea what to do at all, she challenges me so much. My first instinct tells me to open the door and it comes to my shock when it opens.

"Iris", I say patting her face trying to get her up.

What the hell? She's not waking up. I panic and rush to get her out of the car, her hair hangs towards the ground as I hold her to my car. Once she's in my car I fiddle through a bunch of liquor bottles to find her keys and I lock the door to her car. My legs are shaking due to my fear that something has happened to her.

"Excuse me! I need help my girlfriend she's passed out" I explain to a man at the front door of the hospital. I stand in a bit of shock at the thought of her being 'my girlfriend'. I just never thought it would happen, part of me hoped though.

"Ok sir I'll assist you in a minute once I get a few doctors", The man tells me and I nod. 

I asked myself why she did this and I remembered all the pain she was in. Iris reminded me of the point in my life where all I did was drink to forget things; sadly I only forgot temporarily. Either way I'd have to go back home and see my mother standing there without my father, all because of me. My drinking days also caused horrible things like my friend Liam to pass away. 

"Hurry please!" I tell the man as I see Iris has threw up. 

Unsure of what to do I place her on her side, and hope for the best. 

Doctors rush to my assistance and try to keep her awake, or at least try to figure out if she is; that is what I was able to make out of the situation. A doctor pats her back as she hurls ounces of alcohol. 

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