Chapter 11

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Crime is at an all time high. 800,000 people are kidnapped a year and half of them are Children. Gangs roam the streets for anyone alone. It takes one glance down at your phone and *poof* a strip of tape is slapped around your mouth and you are shoved Into the back of a gleaming white van, your hands are tied in the most most uncomfortable position. Your eyes dart around your surroundings, you're alone. But the big question is, who will be the one who stops this place from  being your deathbed?

The same words raced around my head. What made me even more depressed is the fact that I had written these words for my year 9 drama exam on kidnapping. I would never had guessed that I would be one of the clueless people who were taken and held against their will.

800,000 people. 800,000 innocent people. There are some fucked up people in this world.

Harry hadn't issued out my punishment yet and I was getting excruciatingly nervous, was he waiting to dream up the perfect punishment? Or in my eyes the most painful punishment.

What have I become? A submissive peice of nothing waiting around for some physco to practically kill me.

I felt a single tear roll down my clammy cheek thinking about who I have become. A submissive peice of nothing.

I paced around the room, at first sight I loved this room because it was a dream comapared to the cell that Harry first kept me in, but now I hate it as much as anything.

I suddenly screamed out in pure anger "FUCK YOU HARRY, YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!"

I gasped in surprise of my own words, I clamped my hands around my mouth and prayed to whatever God there was out there for Harry to be out. If he was in, I was done for. Then set in the pure panic, what were the chances that Harry was out at this time of day? Probally about one in a thousand.

I'm dead.

To be brutally honest, I didn't mind the idea of death, it would be mercy. I had nothing to live for, no family that missed me, no friends, no-one. As I thought about it more and more, the idea seemed to get more realistic and achievable.

I smiled at the thought of never seeing Harry's wicked face again. Figuring that I've already dug myself a grave so I concluded cursing him again wouldn't hurt. "Die in a hole you bastard" I whispered.

"You are fucking retarded Harry" I continued muttering, "Fucking retarded."

Harry's POV

I heard EVERYTHING she said, from the screaming in fustration to the tiny little whisper she muttered wishing for me to die. And you know what, I honestly didn't mind. I already had the perfect punishment in mind.  In fact her 'Perfect punishment' was an object I held in a wrapped box in the palm of my hand.

But, just for dramatic purposes I'll save that for later.

A sat down in my pristine living room and grabbed the TV controller and began to watch some Netflix, I scrolled through my shows and concluded that I was in the mood for some Game of thrones.

I still tightly grasped Kassie's punishment in my left hand, and the same thought was troubling my mind.

I can remember the day I gave Amelia this, and I can destictly recall her screaming the house down, I can also remember that the exact same day she joined her fellow angels, Then a new thought crossed my mind, I hope Kassie Doesn't follow in Amelia's footsteps. As In I waited a year with Amelia, it hasn't even been two months for Kassie.

I prayed that Kassie was going to like it. Who was I kidding? She was going to adore it. Kassie is WAY different to Amelia, and I know how to handle the initial panic this time. I'm an expert in this sort of thing.


3 years earlier

Harry's POV

I had just announced the news to Tilly.   Even though I was ecstatic at the thought of it, I had to control myself. It was up to me to ensure that Tilly didn't join Amelia.

I released a breath I didn't know I was holding and sighed with sadness, I really hope Tilly came to her senses and didn't kill herself. I could loose anyone else.

I marched into the living room and my eyes met with a very angry Tilly. "YOU'RE A MONSTER!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!?" She then began to blubber with grief and I had had enough. I was beginning to feel anxious about the upcoming hours.

"Tilly," I asked plainly, smoothly, like a evil villian interrogating a hero, "Do you like your tounge?"

For a while she just stared at me with utter confusion, and then the message sank in. That shut her up.

But I could still hear her mutter under her breath, "Sick bastard."

"I heard that." I growled, boy, I was annoyed. "Remember Tilly that I can easily cut out your tongue and sew your mouth together. I've done it before."

The look of fear and duiscust pn her face was comedy gold.

She just stared at me with her wide, open eyes, "Tilly, you know I love you, right?"


Authors Note:
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