17 | holding hands

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mkay so before this chapter starts can I just say how much I love Conan Gray's voice ugh yes his cover of video games (above) is my new obsession
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+zhi ruo pov

We made our way down the hallway in silence surrounded by the shouts of students shuffling to their first class.

Soon the halls emptied but we were still walking. We were silent in both fear and awkwardness.

Every so often, even with all the space we had in the halls, we hit off each other. Our hands or shoulders would brush against one another. It felt nice.

It made me think of how it felt when he held me in his arms, how it felt when his lips pressed against my forehead. How the smell of his hoodie engulfed me.

How it felt to be in love.

This took my mind of what I was about to face for a minute before my mind fell into a hole of coming up with the worst case scenario.

My mind was zoned out the whole time but I was brought back to reality by a squeezing sensation on my right hand.

I looked down to see a hand in mine and then looked up to see it's owner.

I don't know why I was surprised to see Renjun when I knew he was walking beside me the entire time.

He smiled and I naturally smiled back.

It was a smile that reassured me a little. But not quite.

It's going to be okay I told myself, hoping that if I repeated it enough, I would eventually believe it.

My the time we reached the office my palms were sweating and my hands were shaking.

I let Renjun knock on the door and then we entered the lions den where we most likely wouldn't leave alive or with a detention and the order to buy a new bike.

We were greeted with a surprised look from both people in the room. Miss Oh looked at us in shock and the principal had the same look on his face.

'What are you doing here?' He questioned.
'We kind of um... we kinda.. well it's a funny story really... umm...' I stuttered.

Renjun placed a hand on mine and stood in front of me, holding my hand in his behind his back.

'I took your bike Miss Oh and I crashed it and I'm awfully sorry and I promise that I will use all of the money I have to buy you a new one. Zhi Ruo has nothing to do with this. I made her do it. She just sat on the front.' He bowed his head a little in shame.

He took the blame for me...

'Renjun I'm very ashamed I must say, you're one of my top students! I'm sure your father won't be too happy to hear if this.' Miss Oh looked at him with sadness.

'I'm really sorry.' He whispered.

I couldn't tell if he was going to cry or not.

'Why did you not own up to it in registration when I asked the first time?' She looked sadly at him again.

'I didn't want to because you seemed very annoyed-'
'I still am!' She snapped.
'...and I didn't want to be labelled as someone who steals other peoples things..' His thumb ran over my knuckles, his palms were clammy with nervousness and holding me tight.

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