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"I'm not going to sit here and watch you die!" Bilbo exclaimed while fisting his hands on his knees. He was currently kneeling beside her, not that she could see him or anyone else for that matter. Náriel's eyes opened quickly and she seemed frantic. Her breathing hitched and she tried hauling herself up. "No! No, Náriel don't move you'll make it worse!"

"Sword!" Náriel exclaimed suddenly.

Bilbo didn't understand until he looked up and saw what she meant. Unsheathing Sting he aimed it upwards and blocked the blow which was aimed for her stricken form. She collapsed back in the mud and watched as even Bilbo was suddenly pulled into the fighting. Any other time it may have been amusing to see an Orc try and fight against an invisible enemy. It was turning this way and that, suddenly gripping at a cut or jumping on one foot. It was clear Bilbo was trying to find a weak spot in its armour and while doing so had stomped on its foot.

Letting out a painful sigh she tentatively turned her head and blinked. She could see Azog, correction she could see Azog just as he was kicked roughly in the stomach and he rolled to the ground. Blinking slowly she watched as the sword cleaved down on his neck and his head fell from his still twitching body.

Wincing when she was suddenly lifted up she looked around confused. She had zoned out. She was distracted by Azog's fallen form that she hadn't realized Thorin had picked her up.

"Oh...well done," she said heavily, looking around she turned away from him and spat more blood out of her mouth. Groaning she looked back at him. "This is my first taste of battle...I don't think I like it much, Thorin...I honestly don't...can we live in peace after this all, please?"

Thorin smiled, though it was forced, he smoothed out the muddy tangled hair from her face and nodded. "Anything you want."

"Anything...?" She grinned painfully, blood stained her teeth and was trailing from the corner of her mouth.

"Anything." Thorin nodded surely while taking for granted this peaceful moment which enveloped them and made the current fighting seem so far away.

"Anything...I want...I want to live in Erebor...with you, for starters. I want peace. I want...I want, a family," she winced and gave a painful fidget in his arms. "I want you and my uncle to get along," she laughed through strained breaths. "Anything..." Náriel whispered while blinking slowly and looking up at him. "I want you to be happy. I think that's what I really want." She said with the most certainty she had had for a while. "It's all I've ever wanted."

"Well, if we are to live within Erebor together I am sure that is going to make me happy." Thorin said while looking around. Náriel smiled and shut her eyes, she opened them again though when something warm and damp flicked across her face. She opened her eyes and screamed. Thorin dropped her from his arms, not through wanting to but because a black arrow head had pierced through his armour and had come out the other side.

He reached up and touched it tentatively, wincing he looked over his shoulder. Gripping his sword in his other hand he charged forwards and dealt with the archer which had shot him, not before having several more arrows impact against him. Not all of them had managed to pierce through. Turning he looked to Náriel, her eyes widened at the shafts which stuck out of his form. Breaking the shafts with his sword he moved forwards only to stop when something bounded into him and careered him to the side.

Looking up at the Warg which snarled and opened its jaws it let out a whine and fell to the side when Thorin had managed to keep its head away while using his other to aim his sword through its mouth.

Rolling onto his side he moved to push himself up. Standing he struggled to move forwards, he had injured his leg from the fall. It was something which someone had picked up on because they sent something hurtling through the air.

Thorin fell to his knees and looked to the spear which was embedded within his leg. Looking up as the owner stepped into view he wasn't too surprised to see Bolg. Of course, the avenging son. It was something Thorin understood all too well. Only, the last thing which Bolg seemed to expect was for Dain to appear and intercept his path. While Dain took to dealing with Bolg, Thorin stood back up. Pulling the spear from himself he threw it at a nearby Goblin and moved off.

Náriel lifted up her hand, Thorin looked to the knife which was stuck into it. "It doesn't hurt...honestly." Thorin wrapped his fingers around the blade hilt and pulled it quickly free. Náriel screamed from the sudden action and writhed on the spot while removing her other hand from her side to grip onto her hand.

"I'm sorry," Thorin said breathless from everything that just happened.

Blinking slowly, Náriel let out a quiet cry and looked up at him, with a strained smile she nodded. "Thank you...really though." She sounded conflicted and shut her eyes.

"Open your eyes, Náriel. You can't go to sleep. You can't."

"A Dwarf ordering an Elf around...who'd have ever thought the day would come...?" Náriel questioned while her eyes remained shut.

"I am a Dwarf King, remember?" Thorin said while earning a chuckle from her. She opened her eyes. He smiled and found himself slowly falling to the ground too. It seemed that the arrows from earlier on did do more damage than he thought. Finding himself being suddenly struck from behind by both sword and spear didn't help either. Numb. That was it. Though what remained of his armour, he still didn't feel any pain as such.

Thorin looked over his shoulder just conscious enough to see Beorn charge into Bolg. So it was him which tried to do the finishing blow? With one attack Bolg didn't move again. Having the pale eyes of the bear turned on him, Thorin sighed. Looking back to Náriel, he found himself slowly being lifted upwards.

"Beorn..." Náriel whispered, the bear let out a short snort and looked at her. She lifted her hand up slowly. Leaning forwards she found her hand over top of the bears nose. Inhaling her scent and making sure who she was.

Turning he lowered his form to the ground. With gritted teeth Náriel pulled herself up onto his back and buried herself in his dark fur. With an echoing roar Beorn charged off with Náriel laying on his back and Thorin carefully being carried in one of his paws.

Both Thranduil and Bilbo - who were both fighting separate fights - looked up to see the great form of the bear charging off with the two of them in his care.


(A/N: I'm refusing to believe that when the film comes that Bilbo is gonna be KO'd throughout most of the really? REALLY? So yeah, I've made him an invisible - yet - active part! xD I've just realized, I'm quite possibly nearing the end soon. There's a few things left for me to do, but for the most part yeah, the end is somewhat near. That's sad. This is by far the longest thing I've ever wrote. And it is also the most fun thing I have wrote too. I have to ask, because I'm stumped for what to move on to, any suggestions who I could write next? I tend to have a rule where I write a character twice. So as much as I'd love to write Thorin again, idk whether I a stretch I guess I would but meh, so, anyone else? Suggestions are welcome! And yes, I'm on about someone LOTR/Hobbit related. These Middle-Earth fics are seriously the most fun I've ever had writing. Thanks, ramble ended, bye! xD)

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