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"Fine." Tae He said in defeat as she didn't have any other way of getting back home.

"My car's that way follow me." Taehyung gestured with his finger to follow him as if Tae He was his some kind of pet. This small acts of his irritated her extremely.

She simply followed while groaning from annoyance. They reached a car that shone from the sun above it. Its bright red colour was flashing. Tae He was in a bit of awe not much but still a little. Her trance of thoughts was broken when Taehyung spoke up

"Like it right... just got it yesterday." He said as he opened up the door to get in.

Tae He stood where she was being annoyed once again.

"You ain't coming?" He said rolling his window down.

"Coming!" She yelled under her breath.

Getting in the car was a bit of a struggle. It was her first time sitting in a sports car which had it's seats way back and seemed so delicate that she was being very disturbed.

Taehyung chuckled at her sight of struggle. She eyed him once and then put on her seat belt not knowing what Taehyung could pull.

"The rides sweet right..." he said while driving.

"Are you giving me this ride home because you wanna show off to me about this million dollar no good car?" Tae He spat out thoughts of her heart.

"Well damn now that I think of.... kinda." He tilted his head pretending to be innocent.

Just then his grip on the steering wheel tightened, a smug smile plastered and accelerated the car on the wide road.

He had an amused look while Tae He had a frightened one. She held her seat belt tight and yelled

"Taehyung fucking slow the car!!"

"Oh, it's okay don't be such a scary cat." He said so nonchalantly but when he saw a tear roll down her cheek he instantly slowed the car.

"It wasn't that of a big deal now that you are crying." He said glancing at her.

"Taehyung take me home, this is the address and if you don't wanna then stop the car I will take a taxi..."

She wiped that stray tear on her cheek as Taehyung look at the address typed onto her mobile screen.

The ride was silent and Taehyung hadn't noticed that the way to her home was pretty far and that Tae He had fallen asleep.

She slept so soundly with light snores as her hair came over her face covering her very beautiful eyes. Taehyung couldn't deny form the fact that Tae He was actually really beautiful and her features were soft but still striking.

He stopped the car exactly in front of her house because Taehyung might have once followed Tae He to her house to get something important.

He sat there looking at her who was all curled up in a ball even in a car seat.

Taehyung's hand hovered over her shoulder to wake her up.

"What are you doing?" Out of the blue Tae, He said making Taehyung flinch.

"Nothing.... your home.. we're here," Taehyung said settling in his seat averting his eyes from her.

"Oh yeah, thanks by the way." She had gotten off the car when she spoke.

"Whatever." With his ever so irritating expression he said which made her internals to curl.

Taehyung had driven away from her street when he was once again able to breathe.

"Thank God she didn't notice."


Well damn, what was it that Tae He had not noticed. Y'all curious. Even though literally 2 people read this book.

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