Interviewer's Guide

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Winners, don't worry! Your stickers are being sorted. You'll get the messages soon, so keep checking your inbox! :)

INTERVIEWERS (and interviewees) LISTEN UP!


Readers, if you would like to ask a question to one of the authors, then drop a comment beside their name! We'll put it in the box of questions we've got for them!


TRA hasn't finished yet, guys!
Of course, the competition has, but we've still got interviews to keep you occupied until next year!

Don't forget to read your favourite author's interview. They'll be published right after! But of course, remember, if we can't get hold of all winners, there really is nothing we can do. Some of them have actually been on hiatus for a long time, so perhaps we won't see them at all! 😭😭😭

But anyway, I know most of these authors are still up and about online, so fret not. We've got a few interesting chapters waiting just for you!

As the interviewers have requested, I'm going to list a few topics on which questions can be asked:

• Name, place, age.
• Main theme of the book.
• How the author first thought of the book.
• How the author developed the characters.
• What kind of lessons we can learn from their books?
•How they feel about winning.
• What would they like to tell their fans?
•Other misc things to add fun (i.e., if they had to choose between eating brownies or chocolate fudge with ice cream, what would they choose?)


Just to sort things out, I've got this list over here. Drop a question on the author's name if you wish!

HopeGossamer is going to interview:

A. Jawhariy97

B. blue_ink_08

C. IslamDirection

Narcissist__ is going to interview:

A. Pearls_Queen

B. KhawlahTheWarrior

C. BlackRedHeart

NaeemNaufer is going to interview:

A. Le_Muslim_MAN

B. HopesPrayersNSmiles

C. sajmra

Mylilbooktique is going to interview:

A. sssilentscreamsss

B. LoveUnconditionally

C. crazyme_97


Quick update: Guys, the winners are free to deny answering any question if they feel uncomfortable to answer it.

Okay, time to have fun! :P

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