Chapter 2

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     She didn't think twice as she clicked the door shut and locked it, pulling her gun out simultaneously. The cool metal was reassuring as she aimed it at the back of his head. 

     Inferno did not know how to feel. Anger was always present, especially toward the fact that she liked Rouhem being here. She shouldn't. At all. But she obviously liked being stupid. 

     And god how good he looked in his leather jacket and blue jeans. It was pissing her off. 

     "Oh, really?" he responded to the sound of her gun. His deep voice sent shivers down her spine. She never had such reactions to a male until him, and she has decided that no matter how amazing it felt, it was most likely for the best that she ignored it. 

     "Yes, really!" she snapped, "you barge into my life and don't expect consequences? You must not be Rouhem. He would know that I can get a little trigger happy when someone annoys me, especially you!" Inferno knew herself well enough to firmly state that she was a very irrational person outside of grave situations. Anything that exasperated her usually was shot. It was a mere fact. 

     "Do it then, pixie, make my day."

     She hated how smug and relaxed he sounded. It would be so easy to pull the trigger and be rid of the man who made her feel more alive than anything else in her life. The creature who dare challenge Inferno. 

     "I should. I really really should." Her fingers trembled in reaction to her own chaotic emotions. 

     Inferno shouted when his body whirled around, knocking the gun out of her grasp. She immediately reacted by slamming her fist right where his most sensitive ribs hid. She noticed that her hand crushed against thick skin over hardened muscles. He did not blink. 

     Rouhem attempted to force her into a headlock, but she slipped away, whipping her arm behind his knee. He went down, taken to the floor when she pounced on his back, snaking her arm around his thick neck. She was triumphant for a moment until he rose while carrying her body and barreled into the wall behind them. 

      "Fuck!" Inferno winced when pain sliced through her back. The scar that ran down beside her single wing still felt fresh, though months had passed. She dropped off his back, sliding downwards. 

     "Shit, I forgot," he rushed out, and she realized he was going to try to help her. Nope. 

     Inferno took the opportunity and shot her leg upward, catching him in a place all men were vulnerable. She grinned when he went crumbling down. Her fists were sharp and precise when they came down on him. She gave him a short beating before he was up again, shoving her against the dresser. The mirror slammed into her head and shattered. She grabbed a piece and sliced it at his torso, ruining the shirt that fit him so perfectly. 

    Her eye caught sight of the gun, so she used her elbow to shove him backward, causing his to go flying across the room. Rouhem crashed against the floor. He was so damn heavy!

     Inferno slid for the gun, laughing in victory when she had it in her possession. She quickly came to a stand and aimed it once more. Her eyes widened when she noted a gun was also in her face. 

     Her chest was rising and falling. She wasn't so much tired, just excited, angry, and maybe a little aroused. Rouhem found it effortless to make her all hot and bothered. This ruffled her usually smooth feathers. 

     His eyes, those damn nice eyes. Yellow blending into blue. It was incredible and unlike anything she had seen before. Her gaze trailed against his glistening, golden skin, complimented by the dim chandeliers that hung from the white ceilings. He had to have been created with jewels stolen from the richest kings and queens. 

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