Chapter 10

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Reader's POV
While Booette continued to pace around, I just walked around. I didn't know exactly where I was, but I knew that I had to go. Bowsette would have to send her forces here eventually and I had to try and avoid her. If Peach's... Toads. Couldnt stop her, These boos wont even touch her. I looked around and noticed that the stairs were gone. I groaned and picked up a near by chair and crashed it through a wall, breaking through the frail wooden barrier.

Booette: W-Wait! Dont l-leave!!

I looked over and was glomped out of the mansion, with Booette hugging me tightly. She squeaked and floated up and slowly drifted me down to the ground.

(YN): What? Shouldn't you be readying your ghosts for bowsette or something?
Booette: W-well... She cant hurt t-them...and t-they get to scared to hurt her...s-so...

I just sighed and turned around. I wasnt quite sure where I would go, but I had to keep moving. After walking for awhile, I turned around and realized that Booette was following me, nervously glancing around.

(YN): Don't you have a mansion to care for?
Booette: i-it's an illusion... I-I thought it would be n-nice to have a big house but I-I can't really touch everything...

To prove her point, Booette flew through some trees and even fazed through the ground, reappearing in front of me.

(YN): But do you have to follow me?
Booette: B-But... There arent a-a lot of sentient lives here...I-It gets lonely
(YN): But why me? Can't you fly to the other kingdoms?
Booette: T-The toads annoy me...and B-Bowsette ks scary...
(YN):... Fair enough.

Booette nodded as I kept moving on. She continued to float next to me as we continued, leaving the foggy area in exchange for a more brightly colored place.

Booette: D-Do... Do you mind me coming along..?

Do i? I mean, it would be lonely if i was... Well, Alone. I looked over at Booette and analyzed her. Her eyes faded from red to purple, mesmerising to stare at... She also had extremely pale skin which I personally found pretty attractive. Not to mention... Assets.

Booette: (Y-YN)?

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Booette: (Y-YN)?

I shook my head. I seriously need to get my head out of the gutter. This girl could KILL me in a single touch if she wanted too. Though I doubt she would. She doesn't seem to get much company other than me.

(YN): Any idea where we're headed?
Booette: T-The Chomp V-Valley...
(YN): Chomp Valley?

Booette nodded and covered her face. Why did that sound familier? Chomp... Chompy! That pet that Bowser JR had!!

(YN): You mean... Chain Chomps?!
Booette: M-Mhm...
(YN): Oh no... Ugh! We have to find a-
???: BARK BARK!!

I tensed up and Booette squealed. Booette and I hesitently turned to each other and stared into esch others eyes.

(YN): is... Is that what I think it is?..
(YN): do you think it saw us?..

Before Booette could respond, Several of loud thumps could be heard. Booette grabbed me and flew up, saving me from a giant Chain Chomp that crashed into the ground, destroying where it landed.

(YN): that's...t-thats a big pupper..
Booette: y-yes..yes it is

Booette flew me across the chain chomp and placed my ontop ofa giant rock. I stood up and looked around, seeing that there actually weren't that many Chain Chomps around.

(YN): Where is the next area?
Booette: P-Peach's castle..
(YN): Alright... Fine. Anywhere else?
Booette: T-The beac-
???: BARK BARK!!

I groaned tensed up and turned around. Expecting an enormous Chain Chomp, I was surprised to see... A princess? Chain Chomp?

The chain chomp was smaller then Booette by a head and just up to my nose in height

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The chain chomp was smaller then Booette by a head and just up to my nose in height. The chain chomp hopped around and continued to bark at Me and Booette.

(YN): why...hasnt she bitten my head off yet?
Booette: I d-don't know...

I was suddenly hit in the face with a ball and looked over to see the... Chompette's tail wagging as she panted. I picked up the ball and looked over at her, throwing it away from us. While Chompette chased after it, I turned over to Booette.

(YN): lets go before it tears me to shre-
Chompette: BARK BARK!!

I turned over and yelped as Chompette sat infront of me with her tail wagging rapidly.

(YN): um...
Booette: U-Uh... Try again?..

Eclipse: YEP! THATS RIGHT, CHOMPETTE IS ANOTHER LOVE INTEREST! A lot of you guys seemed to have thought that I was asking you to pick a love interest when I was just asking if you all wanted Chompette to also be a love interest. Now, its a Bowsette, Booette, and Chompette x Male Reader story! How will the addition of a pet affect you? Will Bowsette find you? Well...wait and see!

Love you all!!

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