Bad Girl Bite #1

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AN: Until the contest is over, we will be uploading chapters called Bites. They are basically random moments from the lives of the characters. If you guys want us to make a certain Bite, just leave a comment on it below!!!

Lexi's P.O.V

I hated my family reunions. There were to many people. This year, it was being held at a rented out beach house. So, at least I could go for a swim while I was being bored to death.

"Alexis, come here. I want you to meet someone." My grandmother Lucille yelled from in front of the house. She had just arrived and appeared to be still talking to her ride. I was excited that she was here, because it wasn't often that she came over form France. My mother's side of the family was french, but Grand-mere Lucille was the only one who decided to have a permanent residence in France. Running over to her side, I grabbed the bag from her hands and kissed her cheeks.

"Yes, Grand-mere?" I asked. She waved her hand to a boy who looked a bit older than me.

"This is Christophe Baril. His mother is a good friend of mine, so she has allowed him to accompany me here. Christophe, this is my granddaughter Alexis. Now, go and show him the house, Alexis. I need to talk with your Mother." She shooed us away, and started to walk towards the beach, in the direction of my mother.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Alexis. Your Grand-mere is a wonderful woman." Christophe said in his cute french accent. I nodded and motioned towards the house.

"Thank you. Come on, I'll show you the house." I said.

Christophe was a nice guy. Like, really nice. It would have been great if he wasn't;t in love with his girlfriend back home. I bet Grand-mere didn't know about that. Fail. This was a big, match-making fail. We were walking along the beach when he had pulled out his wallet and showed me a picture of a cute blonde.

"This is my girlfriend, Elise. We have been together for 3 years. When I get back, I want to ask her to marry me." Christophe said in a happy, disgusting, lovey dovey voice.  I gave him a weak smile.

"Oh that's nice...GRAND-MERE! YOU ARE HORRIBLE AT THIS!" I yelled at her. I could see her at the gazebo from here, talking to my mother. Leaving poor, unaware Christophe on the beach, I ran to my grandmother.

"You...really should...make sure...that a guy, oh God, I'm out of're trying to match your precious granddaughter with...isn't about to get married!" I exclaimed, holding my chest. I really need to get into shape.

"Oh, speaking of match-making.  There's someone else I have in mind..." Grand-mere muttered. I groaned and flopped onto the floor of the gazebo. She was hopeless...

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