5: Ruiz Baztel

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>> Previously >>

Yoru recovered healthily and began his busy schedule of various lessons. He asked Amelia about her opinion on the human kingdom, which left Yoru sentimental and guilty. Even so, it didn't burden Yoru's determination to strive his life to the fullest.

>> Yoru's POV. >>

"Com'on Onii-sama! It's finally your student vacation week, let's go exploring in the Beast kingdom's town!" I pulled Shiki to the entrance with excitement.

"Okay okay baby bro, give me few minutes to get change" he smiled as I reluctantly let his hand go and let him get himself ready.

After a year and half of staying in the mansion without any outside-the-residence experience, I used Shiki's student vacation week as an excuse and sibling bonding time to go out to the Beast Kingdom. I wanted to experience each kingdom with my own eyes and the sibling bonding time is sort of a lie because everytime Shiki can return home, he sticks to me like a magnet and treats me like a baby. I'm almost 12 years old, shouldn't that consider to be independent enough to do things alone?

>> Shiki's POV. >>

Where's my spare katana? I need it for protection. Oh, I also should bring an item bag so my baby Yoru can buy whatever he wants! Oh right, I need to give him a disguise. He still hasn't perfected his Illusion skill, so I should give him the Magic stone embedded with my illusion magic. I can't let the disgusting wolves go after my baby brother.

>>Yoru's POV. >>

As I patiently waited for Shiki's return, I made small conversations with the spirits that were flying around me.

'I'm sorry I can't take everyone with me, It might cause some ruckus, so I'll take 2 to 3 spirits'


'I wanna go!'

'Take me!'

They started arguing each other about who would be going with me. I stopped them by doing Scissors-Paper-Rock and the top 3 winners were chosen to come with me. The others were allowed to tail 10 meters behind me in the sky. The winners were a earth, water, and ice spirit, which they hid inside my pockets or underneath my hair.

Shiki returned, wearing this world's modern commoner outfit, so we can blend in, but I doubt about it because Shiki's face is prince-like. Many are going to fall for him...

He wore long pants, white undershirt, blue gem bola tie necklace, and glasses. His horns were disguised into brown tiger ears and his hair was brown with his illusion magic. He handed me a small purple magic stone, which I felt magic embedded inside.

Looking at the mirror, I saw my hair and animal traits changed to ash brown with tiger ears and tail, like Shiki. I wore a pale pink one-piece dress with a white apron on top. Then I slipped on my brown boots and hoodie cape before slinging on my small pouch.

The outfit she wore
Credits to: Faye (Fire Emblem)

The outfit she woreCredits to: Faye (Fire Emblem)

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