Chapter 4

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I woke up, unable to sleep whilst Jasper was dying in the drop ship. Couldn't he shut up for just one minute. I got that he was in pain, but you can suffer quietly. I grabbed my jacket, before leaving my tent, wanting nothing more than to shut Jasper up myself. As I left my tent, I was met by another person whimper and scream in her sleep. However, this was not Jasper, but a little girl, sleeping by a tree all alone. Deciding that I had nothing better to do, I walked up to the girl sitting down next to her.
"Hey," I said as I gently grabbed the girl. "It's just a dream." I smiled at her. She woke up immediately, disoriented, looking around the camp.
"I've seen you before, haven't I? In the Skybox. You're Charlotte," I asked her, whilst squinting my eyes at her. "I'm Alice." Still not a word from Charlotte. That kid was giving me nothing.
"It's natural to be afraid. Everyone's afraid of something. Everyone gets afraid sometimes. Now, I can't believe I'm saying this, but if you want to talk about it, I'm here for you," I told her, giving her a sympathetic smile. Finally, she started talking.
"It's... my parents, they were floated" she started, at the same time, staring to cry. I didn't know why, but something led me to put my arm around her shoulder, trying to comfort her. Gosh, earth had made me soft. "I see it in my dreams and I just..."
"Yeah, I get it," I interrupted her, seeing as she was on the verge of full blown tears. "My mother was floated as well." She looked at me, almost in awe, but I couldn't bring myself to look at her. Instead, I looked down at the ground. I couldn't believe I had just told her that. She was probably the only person, besides Clarke and Wells who knew that.
"So, how did you end up here?" I asked her, desperately wanting to change the subject.
"We were taking my parents' things to be redistributed and I lost it," she started, clearly having a hard time, looking back at the painful memory. "They say I assaulted a guard." I scoffed lightly at her comment.
"Well, at least you only assaulted one," I joked around, earning what I thought to be a small chuckle from Charlotte.
"Come," I said as I stood up, whilst holding my hand towards Charlotte for her to grab it. She reluctantly grabbed my hand and I pulled her up. I started to walk towards my tent.
"Where are we going," Charlotte asked, with a slightly nervous tone.
"We can't have you sleeping out there all alone, now can we?" I asked her jokingly as we had finally reached my tent. "You can sleep with me in my tent, there's plenty of space as you see." We entered the tent and I started shifting my made-up mattress around so that I could make two. It only took a minute to make another bed. I looked at Charlotte and she looked, to put it gently, tired as hell.
"Sleep," I grinned at her, whilst leading her to one of the beds. She quickly took of her boots, before crawling under the blanket, falling asleep within a minute. I chuckled as I watched her fall asleep, envying her childhood innocence. Before long, sleep had overpowered me too.

As morning came over the camp, I woke up, groaning as I really didn't feel like doing anything today. I looked over at Charlotte to see her still asleep in her bed. I smiled to myself, before putting on my clothes and walking out of my, well our, tent. Outside, the other kids were already awake. Bellamy, Murphy and some other guys were practicing throwing knifes and axes, all but Bellamy failing miserably.
I was sitting by myself, making some arrows, as Bellamy walked over to me, looking just as hot as always. I looked up at him, smirk evident on my face.
"To what do I owe this pleasure, alpha," I purred as I stood up, failing to meet Bellamy's height. I eyed him curiously, wondering what he wanted from me.
"We're going hunting, kitten. And you're coming," he demanded, turning around, walking off into the forest.
"And what if I don't want to," at that, he turned around.
"Then I'll have to force you, kitten," he smirked as he looked down at me, no more than a few centimeters away from me.
"Fine. But I want something in return, alpha," I whispered in his ear.
"Whatever you want, you can have it," Bellamy whispered back. I smirked at his comment. I finally got him where I wanted him.
"I want you to owe me a favor," I smirked at him, pulling myself away from his ear. He looked very confused as I laid my demand.
"A favor? What do you want that for?" He asked, clearly not understanding me.
"A favor is a powerful weapon, alpha. When used correctly," I said, waking past him, into the forest. I turned around to look at him, to see if he was coming, but no. He was still standing dumbfounded where I left him.
"Coming?" I cooed at him, smirking. He grinned before starting to walk.

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