Chapter 5: Pool [/]

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"Anaeya, could you help me?" It was Devina

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"Anaeya, could you help me?" It was Devina.

"Yea, what is it?"

"The boys asked me to buy these when I got back," Devina explained, carrying a tray of milkshakes. "But Clarence need me to buy a hard drive. So could you pass these to them?"

"Yea, no problem," Anaeya replied, taking the tray. "Where are they?"

"They are in the room next to the studio."

"Oh okay!"


Anaeya quickly walked towards the direction of the studio. She was thrilled to see the boys again but didn't meet any of them when she came to work that morning.

All she could see was the hustle outside the building as fangirls cheered when two black SUVs parked in front of Sony Music. The fangirls were screaming and waving as they held posters and banners, wearing CNCO's World Tour merchandise.

Anaeya passed the studio and headed towards the room next to it. The door was close but it said 'ARTIST LOUNGE'.

There was no doubt the boys are in there.

She knocked the door, opened it and casually walked in.

She brightened when she found Richard seated in an armchair, scrolling through his phone. Zabdiel was seated in a corner near the window as he talked to Joel whom was filming the fans outside as they screamed.

Erick and Christopher were nowhere to be seen.

"Excuse me," she said, clearing her throat. Richard looked up from his screen and smiled, keeping his phone away. Even the other two boys were turning their attention to her.

"Anaeya, right?"

She nodded. "Devina actually bought some milkshakes and asked me to pass them to you."

Richard took the tray from her, muttering, "Thank you!" She hummed in response and was about to leave when he added, "I never thought we would see you again."

"Hey!" Joel said, tossing his juicebox into a bin situated in the corner of the room. It landed into the bin perfectly. "Its great to see you again!"

Anaeya just smiled back.

"Buena tardes," Zabdiel greeted, eating a bar of chocolate. Then, he looked back at his screen. Apparently, he was Facetiming with his family.

"Bro, that's not fair!" A familiar voice said. Definitely Christopher. "Its not your point! Let's do this again."

"No, I won," another voice replied. Anaeya knew it but she just couldn't pinpoint whose it was. "You're just a sore loser, that's all!"

"Erick, you saw what he did!" Christopher complained. "He cheated!"

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