23 - Tom/ Alex

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Tom Goodwin had never met a woman like Avery before. He saw the two of them when they walked in and recognized the designer, but it was her friend that he couldn't stop gazing at. He had every intention of introducing himself as Alex's brother until the gorgeous friend found them. He could tell she was drunk.

He liked the way that Jennifer, Jen recognized him. He knew right away that she was not like the woman in the pictures, but was the one who laughed over ugly sculptures. When they started with the pictures for Alex, the last thing he expected was for Avery to kiss him. Oh boy and kiss him she did! He wasn't going to let her walk away after that.

He whispered, "I think I need another one of those to confirm just how good it was."

She smiled and pressed herself into him and they kissed again. She tasted like liqueur, but sweet and he knew he wasn't letting her leave without him. Neither argued when he offered to walk them home, but he was sure that Jen trusted him because she knew Alex. Suddenly he felt as if he owed Alex a huge thank you.

What followed was the most incredible night! He had dated women and even had a few one-night stands, but none compared to his night with Avery. He wasn't leaving her before he fell asleep like he'd been known to. He was staying until she kicked him out or he had to go to work on Monday morning. He normally went into the office over the weekend, but not this weekend if he could help it.

Then Jen must have cast a spell over him with her magic coffee because he found himself telling her about Alex. He knew that he shouldn't be sharing his brother's secrets, but he sensed she had no intention of repeating them. She didn't seem like she would know how to be cruel.

He and Avery spent half the morning talking and the other half trying to get their fill of one another. They had a lot in common since he did corporate law and had handled some mergers and acquisitions. He'd seen what Avery's job was like and knew it was tough and her résumé was impressive.

Changing the subject she said, "You know they talk all the time."

"Who?" He was unsure what she meant.

"Jen and Alex," she smiled.

"What about work?"

"Oh yes, every night for an hour," she teased.

"Seriously! He hated her when he met her. I was home that weekend. We hung out and he was all bothered about working with her."

"She didn't like him either, because he ruined the beach and because he's in tight with her father. She was jealous especially since Sterling never let her go home," she explained.

"I'm lost. What do you mean about Alex and her father?"

"Her father owns the place where Alex eats every day," she explained.

"Are you telling me that Jennifer Dixon is from Maine?" he said in disbelief.

She nodded and said, "Jen Jablonski grew up on The Point."

"I would never have known. So when she complained about the house ruining the beach, it was personal."

"Yup," she smiled.

Eventually, they went to his place so he could change his clothes and take her to dinner. Later that evening, lying in bed he said, "I think this is the best weekend of my life."

"Me too."

He didn't know how it happened, but he was convinced he was in love.

He didn't know how it happened, but he was convinced he was in love

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