Chapter 2

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     "A bit morbid, don't you think? Taking clothes off of dead kids" My voice roamed through the forest, as I was watching Wells dig graves for the two dead kids all alone. He looked up and spotted me, before shaking his head and continued.
     "What? I should be the one who's mad," I tried, this time paying off.
     "What do you want?" Wells asked, clearly knowing when to just let me win.
     "I want to know why you're down here," I replied bluntly, not wanting to sugarcoat anything to him. He didn't deserve it.
     "I'm down here to protect Clarke from you," I couldn't help but roll my eyes and scoff at that comment.
     "If anything your presence has only fueled my wanting to kill Clarke. But if you want, I can kill you first. Or you can die protecting her if that's any better," I said smiling darkly at Wells, as I walked towards him. "Now that you're here, I can get to kill both of you. So I should actually thank you. If you hadn't wanted to protect Clarke. I would only have been able to kill one of you. Now I can kill you both."
     I hurried back to camp, not wanting Wells to have the satisfaction of having the last word. Maybe I should kill Clarke first, to watch Wells face when I kill his little crush. As I entered the camp again, I saw that Wells wasn't far behind me. At camp, kids were fighting over basically everything. It was chaos. I sat down close to the drop ship, playing a bit with my knife, not having anything more exciting to occupy myself with.
     "Where did you get the clothes," a guy called Atom asked Wells. They stood a mere two meters in front of me.
     "I buried the two guys who died during the landing," Wells fessed up. What a morbid kid.
     "Smart. You know, I'll take it from here," Atom tried to take the clothes, but to my surprise, Wells actually had the guts to fight back.
     "We share based on needs, just like back home," Wells tried to argue. The boys' arguing was interrupted by a sight I had hoped to see since I got down here.
     "You still don't get it, do you?" A very shirtless Bellamy said as he walked out with a girl following closely behind him. Had the girl not been there, the sight would've been almost as magnificent as the first sight of the ground. Much to my displease, the girl walked to Bellamy's side and kissed him, before walking away. It was probably a good idea for that bitch to leave anyway. I turned my attention back to Bellamy. Now, there was I sight I could get used to.
     "This is home now. Your father's rules no longer apply," Bellamy said, ripping the clothes out of Wells' hands. Wells fought back, in vain.
    "No Atom, hold up. You want it back. Take it," Bellamy challenged Wells. I finally wasn't bored anymore. Wells starred intensely at Bellamy, before walking away. So much for a fight. Bellamy threw the clothes onto the ground and the kids close around threw themselves at it. Much to my displease, Bellamy his shirt back on. I accidentally let out a little sigh as I stood up and walked closer to the two.
     "Is this what you want? Chaos?" Wells asked, clearly not getting it through his thick skull that he didn't have any power down here.
     "What's wrong with a little chaos?" I asked Wells in return, standing a few meters away from Wells and Bellamy. Both looked at me. Wells in disappointment and a bit of fear. Bellamy smirking. But before things could get really fun, our little power-trip was interrupted by a girl's scream.

Everyone that heard the scream had gone after it. It lead us to a sight, I honestly can't say surprised me. Murphy was holding down a girl into the fire, burning her slightly, as she screamed.
     "Bellamy," he yelled, looking around to spot Bellamy.
     "We want the Ark to think the grounders are killing us, right? Figured it looked better if it looked like we suffered for a little bit first," I could follow his thinking, it would look better. But Murphy was moving down a dark path, even I could see it. Before anyone could react. Wells had flung himself at Murphy, getting him to release the girl.
     "You can stop this," Wells tried to reason, but Bellamy looked as if he was talking to a little inexperienced child. Which he was.
     "Stop this? I'm just getting started," even with his back turned against me, I just see Bellamy smirking. Next thing I know, Murphy was back on his feet, punching Wells. Finally, a fight. I walked down to Bellamy wanted to get a better view. To everyone's surprise Wells was winning. After beating Murphy in to the ground, he finally stood up and looked at Bellamy.
     "Don't you see you can't control this?" Wells tried once more to reason with Bellamy. Again, in vain. Just as it looked like Bellamy was considering Wells' words, Murphy had gotten back up, knife in hand, ready to kill.
     "Wait," Bellamy interfered, stopping Murphy. He pulled out a knife and gave it to Wells. "Fair fight," he said and walked back to stand next to me again.
     "Didn't know you played fair," I whispered to him, smirking at him.
     "I don't, kitten," he said, smirking back. I looked at him squinting my eyes.
     "Well, neither do I, so you're in for a ride, Alpha," I whispered in his ear.
     "Wells," someone yelled from afar. Of course. Clarke. Who else would care for that loser. Wells stood with his knife at Murphy's throat, ready to kill him. "Let him go." Immediately, Wells pushed him down, obeying Clarke's every word. How pathetic. Murphy tried to launch at Wells, but Bellamy held him back. I looked back and immediately my eyes reached Octavia. I rushed towards her alongside Bellamy.
     "What happened to your leg?" I asked, a hint of worry present in my tone.
     "Long story," Octavia answered, clearly exhausted from the trip.
     "Where's the food?" Bellamy changed the subject. Just then I noticed it too. And where was the kid with the googles?
     "We didn't make it to Mount Weather," annoying floating guy, also called Finn replied. I looked quickly at Bellamy, annoyance clearly present in his facial expression.
     "What the hell happened out there?" Bellamy almost yelled at them.
     "We were attacked," Clarke explained. Gosh, couldn't she just shut up. Wait, did she say attacked?
     "Attacked, by what?" I asked her. She looked at me as if she'd seen a ghost. We hadn't spoken since I got arrested, so I probably was a ghost to her.
     "Not what, who. Turns out when the last man from the ground died in the Ark, he wasn't the last grounder" Finn answered for her, Clarke clearly being to occupied by my presence to answer. She really was shocked to see me here. Maybe she'd thought my crimes were enough to send even an underage girl to death. I surely would be sent to death now. If there were grounders on earth, we would surely be dead.
     "It's true. Everything we thought we knew about the ground is wrong. There are people here. Survivors. The good news is that means we can survive. Radiation won't kill us," Clarke started her speech. Clarke and her speeches. Almost made me regret not just killing her the second we landed on the ground.
     "Yeah, the bad new is the grounders will," Finn continued, this time in a lower voice, so the rest of the camp couldn't hear him.
     "Where's the kid with the googles," someone finally wondered. It took long enough.
     "Jasper was hit," Clarke told him, sounding like she was on the verge of tears. I rolled my eyes and walked away, done with this conversation, done with Clarke. I could vaguely hear Clarke in the background, but I didn't care. I just wanted to get away from her. She had ruined my life. She didn't deserve my presence.

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