Chapter 40

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(A/N: ok so I know that Hayes is 14! I'm just saying he's 13 because of the story so you can all stop correcting me)

"Are you texting THE Nash grier?" I hear. I look up to find my newly assigned lab parnter looking over my shoulder at my phone screen. "He's so hot! I'm his biggest fan!"

"What's his full name?" I test her

"Nash Grier."

"Actually it's Hamilton Nash Grier"

"As if anyone who isnt dating him would know that"

"I'm not dating Nash!"

"Not what I've heard!"

"What have you heard?"

"Quiet please!" The teacher says over the murmur of conversation.

"I heard that you were talking to him on the phone, flirting with him and talking about a trip you guys took in England"

I laugh "That's not true"

"Prove it. What were you talking about?"

"It's none of your business"

"Whatever Mrs Grier"

"Amber shush" the woman at the front of the class shouts.


"Hey Mrs Grier" Capricorn says

"That's not my name"

"I hear your dating Nash?" A girl says stopping on her way past.

"No I'm not" I say as she walks off. "I hate this school already"

"Cheer up! There are good things here"

"Like what?"

"Me" She laughs, making me laugh. "Do you want a ride home?"

"No thanks, Taylor is picking me up"

"Taylor hey?" She says wiggling her eyebrows. She reminds me of Jack and Jack's 'that look your friend gives when they know what's up' vine. "Woah. I just basically did a Jack and Jack vine without even realising it!"

"I thought the exact same thing!"

"Woah. Creepy." I laugh again- yet another Jack and Jack quote.

"Do you wanna come back to mine?"

"Er, will the boys be there?"

"They should be!"

"Okay! Let me call my mom to tell her not to pick me up" She says taking out her phone. I'm not sure if she only agreed to be my friend because of the boys. Oh well, she's the only one here who hasn't asked me about the boys. "She said that's cool"

I nod and we walk out to the front of the school to see Taylors black range rover parked outside. We run over and climb in.

"Hey Tay-" I start "Matt?"

"Taylor never came back from Mia's so that's why I'm here" He smiles.

"Who's Mia?" Capricorn says poking her head through the middle of the front seats.

"Who's this?" Matt asks me pointing with his thumb to Capricorn.

"I'm Sky's new friend- Capricorn"

"Oh hi" Matt says bluntly "I'm Matt"

"Yeah I know"


-Matt's POV-

Dammit. I told Taylor not to rush back from Mia's so that I could pick Sky up. I wanted some alone time with her. But now she's invited this girl back with us so I can't talk to Sky about what I had planned to. This girl better not steal my stuff and make a shrine of it. That's happened before you know.

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