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5 weeks later

Maddie p.o.v
It has been 1 month since Jack said that. I feel as if I'm not filled in. I'm going to talk to Jack right now.

Maddie-Jack can we talk.
Jack-Why do you want to talk to me.
Maddie-Listen fuck boi ok I'm not using you. Why would you think that.
Jack-Because I bullied you and if you date me that would stop me from bulling you.
Jack-So its true. You fucking slut.
Zach-Jack stop
Maddie-Your a fucking man whore. Who do you even think you are. Not some loyal pop star. Your just like Justin Bieber.

With that I walked away. I felt an hand grab my arm. When I turned around I felt lips on me. Being my stupid self I kissed back. Honestly I had to pull away soon but didn't. It was like I was forced to be against him. He then pulled away. When I saw who it was I was shocked. It wasn't Jack.

A/N sorry for the short chapter in really tired it is only 7 am sorry. Who do you think it is.

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