Once Tiffany was submerged into the red liquid, time stood still. The ripples in the water caused by Tiffany's body moved slowly from one end of the bath to the other. Her heart pounded every five seconds, slowing down to the point where no heartbeat could be heard or felt. The congealed water prevented movement, even her eyes were reluctant to open against the thickness of the liquid. Air escaped her mouth through a muffled scream, causing bubbles to stream to the top. Feeling the floor against her feet, she kicked hard, breaking the surface in her desperate pursuit for air.

The blood splashed everywhere when Tiffany reached the surface. Tiffany inhaled deeply and opened her eyes. Her hair looked like it had been dyed red as the blood clung to the skin of her face. The blood dripped into her mouth but she didn't care, she had to breathe. She looked like a monster struggling to stand, or a girl who had been pranked with pig's blood that was dropped over her.

Puerbardis stepped into the bath without reservation and walked straight to Tiffany. His red eyes hungry, he watched Tiffany struggle and suffer in her present situation. He reached her as her back was turned to him and placed his hand on her head. With no effort, he dunked her head underwater.

Tiffany struggled against his strength. Puerbardis was strong before the Devil possessed him but he was even stronger now. The more she pushed up against his hand, the further she felt she was falling. She couldn't breathe in the blood. She could feel her life slipping from her grasp, cruelly snatched away by someone with no control over their own actions.

Tiffany's hands came up to the surface to splash the blood on Puerbardis, hoping that it could help in some way. Her efforts were futile and the splashing only sucked away what little strength remained. Tiffany's body under Puerbardis's forceful hand like a sheet of paper being scrunched up before being tossed into a waste paper basket.

A reprieve presented itself when Puerbardis lifted his hand from her head. Just as she was about to slip into the land of the dead, Tiffany kicked against the floor again and rose above the water. She spluttered and choked, grasping her throat to breathe. She stumbled to get away from Puerbardis. She reached the stairs to get out but tripped on the lowest step.

Peter laughed at her efforts to escape. She felt around for anything to help her but nothing was present. Peter walked over to Tiffany, who was climbing out of the water, and grabbed her hair by the roots. With a painful tug, he pulled her out, letting her go when her screams cursed his ears; she landed on her knees.

Puerbardis followed Tiffany out of the bath and up the steps without falling. He grabbed Tiffany but she slipped from his grip, the blood soaked into her clothes and skin. Tiffany fell over and landed on her side. Her hand accidentally touched one of the fallen cult members, their head hanging awkwardly over the bath.

Initially frightened by the sight, Tiffany noticed the bloody athame they held in their hand. She moved around on the floor like a fish on dry land, trying to deter any attention of what she was actually doing. By moving ferociously on the floor, she quickly grabbed the knife without Peter knowing, holding the handle with the blade pointing down and pressed against her wrist.

Puerbardis picked her up by her shoulders and lifted her from the ground. Her feet left the floor as he carried her over to the stone table. Peter walked to the alter calmly and silently, watching Tiffany as he snatched the end of a long line of chains. Puerbardis pinned her down to the table, crushing her breasts. Tiffany didn't give him much of a fight, allowing her arms to drop over the side of the table hoping to hide the knife.

Peter took note of her resignation to fight. "That's right Tiffany, you can't do anything to stop this. Give yourself over to the darkness. Allow your body to do the work it is designed to do. This will be your crowning glory. You will reap the rewards in the afterlife."

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