Chapter 4

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Jumping up from my sleep I placed my hand over my heart. Rubbing at my eyes Blaze was kneeling at the side of the bed.

"Blaze? What time is it?" I yawned 

"I need your help sweetheart" He said getting to his feet.

Sliding off the bed I realised I was no longer in just a towel but a t-shirt and a pair of boxers. Did he dress me? Feeling the blush take over my face I took a deep breath before following him out.

"You have to find a way to stop the bleeding. Fuck".

What the hell was going on?

Making my way into the livingroom I stopped when three pairs of eyes looked at me. Well this wasn't awkward. All men were dressed in full leather and I knew they all belonged to the MC.

"Who the fuck is that?"

"You never bring your whores home"


Well this wasn't embarrassing at all. All boys had commented apart from the one that was covered in blood. Was he even conscious?

"Blaze whats going on?" I asked taking a few more steps into the livingroom.

"He's been shot" Blaze sighed running a hand through his hair.

"Stop telling your whore shit. She doesnt need to know".

That was it. How many times had I been called a whore since I got here? I was to tired for this.

Glaring at him I placed my hands on my hips "I'm not a whore and I don't appreciate you calling me one". I yawned moving so I was closer to the guy that was bleeding "Looks like he's been shot in the chest" I mumbled more to myself.

"Bitch who do you think you're talking to?" He growled stomping his way over to me only to be stopped by Blaze pushing him to the other side of the room.

"Don't go there" he snapped looking straight at me "Not unless you want a bullet put in your head by prez" Blaze growled coming to stand by my side. 

"Oh so she's not your whore but she's Franko's? Why the fuck is she here?" He growled.

Who in gods name was this guy?

Scrunching my nose up I glared at him in disgust. "Franko's my dad you idiot. Now shut up and make yourself useful".

Watching the color drain from his face was fun but if the poor bastard on the couch kept bleeding I wasn't sure if he would pull through.

"No fucking way"

"Whats his name Blaze?" I asked quickly checking his pulse, yeah he was still breathing.

"Tommy" Blaze grunted causing me to look at him. Why was he glaring?

Pulling his t-shirt up I sighed with relief "Go get me a towel please" It was a flesh wound. Nothing to serious, Tommy here was just a bleeder. "I need some antiseptic and some thread".

"Is he alright?" The idiot from before asked.

"He's fine its just a flesh wound. Nothing to serious. Once I clean the wound and stitch him up he'll be as good as new. Might take a while for him to wake up though".

"Thanks darlin'." Tommy grinned at me from where he lay. I could remember him from all those years ago.

"Don't get shot again" I teased

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