5- Marc Bartra's Sister

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I was going to Camp Nou today to see my brother and his team training.

As i arrived at Camp Nou my phone vibrated.

'Come straight to the field. We are about to start training. ' x Marc

Well isn't my Brother the best. .

I walked into the hallways until i reached the huge field where the team would train and play matches.

I spotted my brother talking to a boy about our age since i'm 22 Marc beeing 23 .

Marc was the closest on the field so he spotted me first and told me to come over to him.

I walked to him and he crushed me in a hug.

I giggled and hugged him back .

"Hey little sister"

"Hi big brother" he laughed after that and pulled away .

The boy he was talking to left to the team .

And Marc lead me over to them and began introducing me to them as I've never met them before .

"Okay (y/n) These are Leo Messi , Iniesta , Macsherano, Pique, Sanchez, Puyol, Dani Alves,.... "

he continued naming each one pointing at the player as i smiled at each one and they returned it back.

"...Alex , and our new teammate Neymar Jr."

he pointed the last two and i recognised Neymar as the one who was talking to my brother before i came.

"Guys this is my younger sister (y/n)"

Neymar smiled at me extanding his hand i put mine in his expecting a hand shake but he brought my hand to his lips and kissed it.

I blushed deep red as I pulled my hand back.

"okay that's enough let's go train" Marc said eying Neynar closely .

"I'll just sit on the bench ?" i asked .

"yeah I'll call you over if I need you or anything, now watch the masters" he said proudly the last part.

I laughed and went to sit on the bench.


I sat there the whole time watching the team training wich was a pretty entertainment.

Because like my brother I love football.

After a few the team went to take a break .

I felt someone sit next to me .

I turned to face the person who turned out to be Neymar.

He grinned at me drinking from his bottle.

"so did we bore you yet ?" he asked me

"no definitely not I love football a lot i also play a bit for fun so is pretty interesting. "i replied smiling.

"really? i'm surprised I've never met a girl who is interested in football" he said grinning.

"well there is always a first for everything"

"can i maybe have your number. I'd like to know you better. " he asked nervously.

"sure " i grinned.

we exchanged numbers and he excused himself to go to the washrooms.

after he left my brother sat next to me.

"you and Neymar seem to be getting real close" he said seriously.

"he's a great guy and we are just friends" i shrugged.

"yeah whatever i know that sooner or later you will fall for him so i am not gonna go into no dating my teammates mode."

i giggled at that part.

then he added

"but i am going into protective big brother mode."

I smiled and hugged him .

"thank you for trusting me" i mumbled in his chest .

"yeaaah i trust it's not like Neymar didn't talk to me about it and i approved" he said scratching the back of his neck.

"are you trying to set me up with him?" i raised an eyebrow.

"maybe" he grinned.

"only you"

i laughed thinking that Neymar actually asked for my brother's approval wich is pretty hard to get.

so Neymar must be special then.



btw Neymar will play with the team the 1st of September .

I'm so happy .

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-Jayn - ♥

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