Chapter 10

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"Hello?" Reese Answered The Phone . He Sounded As If He Had Been Sleep .

"Yeah, Reese" I Said .

"Wassup Maliyah? Everything Good?"

"Yeah, Um, I Was Just Calling To Let You Know That I Won't Be Able To Go On That Date Tonight-"

"It's Fine.. It's Straight" His Voice Faded .

"I'm Sorry- I Just Have A lot Going On Right Now . Maybe We Can Some Other Time"

"I Understand . Just Let Me Know When"

"I Will -Oh, And My Answer Is Yes"

"Your Answer Is Yes?" He Asked, In Confusion .

"Think About It" I Said, Before Disconnecting The Phone .

I Sat In Bed For A Few, Just Thinking .

I Can't Go On A Date With That Man, I Have Other Things That I Need To Be Worried About Right Now . He Don't Even Know That I'm Pregnant, And I Have No Clue How I'm Suppose To Tell Him . What If I Tell Him And He Ends Up Not Wanting To Work With Me, Anymore? I'm Going To Have To Tell Him Eventually .

"Goodmorning" Christa Said, Walking In The Room, Interrupting My Thoughts .

"Hey, Goodmorning"

"What You Doing Up So Early?" She Asked, As She Sat Next To Me On The Bed .

"I Couldn't Sleep Anymore"

"It's That Baby, Girl" She Said, Excitedly, Touching My Stomach . I Let Out A Dry Laugh .

We Sat In Silence For A Few .

"Christa, I'm Not Gone Be Dancing With You Anymore"

"What You Mean? Is It Cause Of The Baby? The Doctor Said You Won't Be Able To Or Something?-" She Questioned, With A Worried Expression On Her Face .


"Then What?"

"I Met This Guy At The Party We Danced At The Last Time, And His Uncle Owns A Strip Club . Long Story Short, I Agreed To Work At The Club"

"Who? And What Club?" She Asked, Making A Face .

"Don't Worry About All Of That Christa"

I Don't Really Wanna Give Her Any Information, In Case The Situation With Chris Does Escalates . You Can Say I'm Overthinking, But I'm Just Really Looking Out For Me And My Baby . I Don't Wanna Risk It .

"Don't Worry About It?- Wow.. Ok, I Can't Even Be Mad At You . You Did Tell Me Awhile Back, That Working At A Strip Club Is What You Wanted To Do . I Wish You Would've Warned A Bitch Though . You Moving Out, And You Ain't Gone Be Dancing With Me Anymore.."

"I Mean I Can't Keep Doing The Same Shit Forever . I'm About To Have A Baby, So I Need To Start Moving Different"

"I Feel You . I'm Not Mad At You Though, Just- Just Be Careful"

"I Will, I Promise"

"When Do You Start?"

"They Haven't Gave Me A Date Yet"

"Damn, And You Won't Even Tell Me The Name Of The Club . Why?"

"I Have My Reasons, Christa"

"Ok, What Are They?"

"I'm Not Telling You"

"You Acting Like I'ma Come Shoot Up The Place Or Something" She Said, Causing Me To Chuckle .

"You Might"

"Well When You Move, Are You At Least Gone Tell Me What Apartment Number You In?"

"Why Do You Wanna Know What Apartment Number I'ma Be In?"

"Cause I'm Your Friend, Duh!"

"Hm.. Well Can We Go Get Something To Eat? Cause I'm Hungry"

"Oh Bitch, Your Not Slick" She Said, Causing Me To Chuckle, As I Slowly Stood Up From The Bed .

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