Chapter 29

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Dr Jasper POV

"Water" I beg for the millionth time today.

"Please, if you want me to be able to do anything, I need water."

No answer. I'm not sure why I'm bothering.

How long have I been here now? Days? Weeks? A month? I don't even know. I don't even really care. I gave up many years ago really. Existing like this is only helping to make me wallow in my self pity.

Pity about the situation I have put myself in. Yes, my father started all this but I finished it. Well, I hope I have. I have no clue if Amalie and Aida are even still alive at this point.

I suspect of course, that things have not gone quite to plan, as I haven't seen or heard Lukah's crew bring anyone but me here.

I only see them twice a day, when they deliver a food tray and a new set of books or notes. Continuous problems they expect me to solve, questions they want me to answer. Once they have what they want I don't see them for a day or so.

I hear the inevitable clang of the chains and door opening again. I haven't been able to solve this latest riddle so I don't expect dinner, only a beating and a threat. I had been saving the ice I scrape form the window seal and drinking it to stay hydrated but even that has run out.

This latest problem, I just can't do it. It's not a matter of ability, a potential answer occurred to me after a few hours of having the question given to me. It's the morality. After all these years, the morality is killing me. Who knew?

Their desire is rather petrifying. Lukah wants to breed a superior race. We have done this in theory with Amalie. We used the venom from the bite to fuel a transfusion of true born hybrid blood to theoretically, keep her half vampire and half werewolf. Usually a bite would kill her, or she would need to be turned but then she would be just a vampire. But seeing as though she was transfused with the combination of vampire and werewolf blood, and not formally turned, she is now, in theory, a hybrid. In theory. I haven't seen the result.

Lukah now wants to take this madness one step further. He wants the race to continue, to be bred and become a purer race all of its own. He wants pure Vampiric mothers to have hybrid babies. A new race all together.

Insanity at its best.

They have tried and failed over the last year it seems, but with whom and how? I suspect perhaps mothers who are turned and are made pregnant with werewolf babies? But the notes say the babies do not survive. The mothers, once turned are not able to support life. This is why they had wanted Amalie, as a starting point. He had wanted Amalie to start the next generation by having a child.

Lukah had wanted Aida to bare his child. As the daughter of the only known survivor of a vampire bite during pregnancy, Aida was an anomaly. She was born special. Her potential would be untapped.

Would have been. Or maybe could be? I don't even
know if either of them are alive. I hope that they are not. For all our sakes.

This thought sends an involuntary shiver down my spine and as I look up and see the lurching figure approach the cell I call home, the shiver turns to an ice cold feeling in my very core.


He unmistakable bone- white hair and the piercing red eyes. His skin is so pale it seems translucent in the light. He comes to a halt in front of my cell and I feel my breath catch in my chest. He has a formidable presence and he knows it.

"Well doctor? Do you have something for me?"

His voice is a hiss. His tone flat and unfaltering.

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