Chapter 4: Awkward [/]

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The two girls carried the stack of gifts towards the studio

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The two girls carried the stack of gifts towards the studio.

"Ana, I really really need to pee," Sylvia said, over and over again. "Its really urgent."

"We'll go to the washroom after this," Anaeya replied, indignant.

She made way down the stairs as several other staff member passed by. They didn't seem friendly because one of them almost bumped her shoulder but she managed to avoid it.

When she reached the landing, something crashed behind her. She spun around to find that Sylvia's stack had fallen off and the girl was cursing. The staff members just ran off.

"F*** you humans with eyes but no brains," Sylvia scolded. "Such a disgrace. If it were on the road, I would report you for 'hit and run'!"

"Are you hurt, Syl?"

"Nah, I'm okay," Sylvia uttered, frustrated. "How about you go first? Ana, I really need to go pee. Here, take this. Rayna asked to pass it to the studio." She took out a USB from her pocket and slipped it into Anaeya's pants.

"Syl, now?" Anaeya asked, looking at the mess. "Seriously? What about the gifts? We can't just leave it here."

"I'll come back right after, don't worry," her friend reassured. She bent down to put some tiny boxes into a bigger box and placed it onto Anaeya's stack. She smirked. "Go, make yourself useful for the time being."

"You better come back right after, kid," Anaeya warned, glaring as her friend left.

"Technically, I'm older," Sylvia shouted back.

Anaeya sighed in defeat and continue her way to the studio. Unfortunately, she couldn't open the door so she kicked it a few times.

After a while, someone opened the door from the other side. It was Erick.

"Oh, gallery chica," he said. Then, he carried some boxes of her hands. "Hey, hermano! Its gallery chica. Chris, she's here!"

Anaeya smiled awkwardly as she placed the boxes on the table. Now, why would Erick make it a priority to tell Christopher that she's here? Why is it only Christopher?

"Don't call me that. Its Anaeya actually. My sister is the one who likes art galleries," she explained.

"Ana, mi amor!" Christopher said. Anaeya raised an eyebrow at him, deciding to ignore him. "You came to see us again!"

The rest of the boys waved at Anaeya, greeting her. The girl just nodded and turned to her boss whom was talking to the radio DJ.

"I'm here to get the paperwork, Mr. Sean."

"Oh yea, hold on a minute," her boss replied, disappearing behind a rack stacked with discs.

Mala Actitud was playing in the studio.

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