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Amy's POV

Alex enters the room and to my luck the only open seat is next to me but I keep my head down when he sees its the only seat open is next to me. I don't think he saw my face cause he just sat and started talking to me as if I was a dude.So I just went with it to see how he would react when he saw that he was talking to me.


Hello dude you gonna answer back
You asleep
*poke*  *poke*

What the hell you want
Can't I be alone geeez
*silent* go back to trying to sleep

Woah dude you sound like a girl I know that she is new

So was that it then can I go back to trying to sleep since I am bored

Okay whatever dude

Stop calling me dude I am not a dude I am a girl

Prove it then

Can you really be this stupid

*conversation ends here*

With that I take of my hoodie and when Alex sees me he starts smirking like what the fuck dude.
But I didn't listen to him I just payed attention to the thing written on what things we needed in our drawing and got out my drawing book too draw my drawing and he said we could listen to music since it was independant work I got my iPhone 7 plus out and plugged in my earbuds to it and played the song "numb by xxxtentacion"
Which my favorite one.

When I was in the middle of my drawing I felt something hit my head but decided to ignore it and continued with my drawing. A couple minutes later I felt it again and saw that it was paper so I picked it up and had nothing I looked up to be met with the eyes of Alex and right away I knew it was him.

But I didn't care and got back to finishing my drawing before class ends. I barely finished my drawing in time cause when I put my pencil down the bell  rang saying that class was over so I took my drawing and went to my locker and put my book drawing inside my locker.When I closed my locker I took out my phone to see what class I had next to which turned out to be gym class which is my favorite class since I am good at everything since I love being active and really into sports so yeah.

When I was making my way through I pass the janitors closet room and hear moans like ewww that's nasty like brag it's dirty and in the janitors closet. But I continued walking to my class and saw that I only had three minutes before the bell rang which was fine with me since I was already entering the locker and they give you three more extra minutes to change and all which was enough time for me.

Man but really stinks of perfume.
I walk to the locker which is mine and pay no attention to the rest that are looking at me and take of my outfit and put on. A pair of a gray outfit which consisted of a gray crop top with gray shorts that I use to run in the morning and you could see my six pack from afar.

 A pair of a gray outfit which consisted of a gray crop top with gray shorts that I use to run in the morning and you could see my six pack from afar

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I got out and got with the rest and then the  spoke saying were going to run in the track and then then if we have time we will play soccer.With that we all got outside and I was really excited but I was getting annoyed with the girls or if I can even call them that saying how they were going to seat and stink like geez women quick whining. The whsitle telling us to run and I was jogging but nobody kept up with me except the one and only Alex and his two buddies next to him and then the one with black nice hair with brown eyes comes up to me and says. Damn you run hella fast and I blink and say huh.
So he says it again I said you run hella fast. I then respond saying but this is me jogging only to warm myself up.

When I said that his mouth opened as if was surprised and shocked at the same time with that we reached the part were we started and then I thought to myself now the real thing is barely beginning.....

Awww finally done with this chapter and sorry that it took me longer then I had expected and didn't think this week was going to be so busy but hey I least finished this chapter and leave comments on what I should I do for the next chapter.
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