Chapter 19

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                Lying in bed she couldn't wait for Kole to get home, to discuss Blue's visit and the idea that she could finally get some answers. Rory was reading How to Kill a Mockingbird, when Kole walked in filthy.

"What happened to you?" She asked laying her book open on her chest.

"Training just got a little rough. I am going to hop in the shower, if you want to join me." Kole asked with a sly smirk.

"I'm good." She smiled, "but if you get all clean, then maybe..." She trailed off laughing as he started to the shower with a skip in his step. She couldn't help but lean to her left, looking into the bathroom as he stripped of his clothes. He left the door open, hoping to entice her into joining him, little did he know that she was happy just  enjoying the view.

               With a smile on her face she returned back to her book. She was only able to read a few pages before Kole finished his shower, exiting the room while clearing his throat. A towel laying wrapped around his waist he dropped it before pulling on a pair of boxers. She rolled her eyes at his flirtation, having no doubt that he was hoping to have sex that night, but she was more occupied about the happenings of the morning.  Rory was just glad that she had gotten more comfortable with his nudity and being nude herself that she wasn't blushing like a tomato.

"I think I was to meet the Council." She said, placing her bookmark in-between the pages before sitting up.

"OK." Kole said nodding.

"Are you ok with that?" She questioned, surprised that he wasn't putting up more of a fight.

"I'm not going to lie, it makes me nervous. Who knows what they want, or who could be looking for Shifters. I read that book Edna gave you too, and I'm worried about the Hunters catching wind of you and making you a target." Kole said sitting beside her on the bed, "But I want you to have your answers- if that's what you want you to do."

"But what if the Hunters come after me. It would put the whole pack in danger."

"The pack has its strength in numbers, and as much as I am the Alpha of this pack, being a Mate too you comes first; always.

Rory frowned not sure how to respond to that dedication on love, she was touched but the thought of being the reason why her pack was in danger didn't sit well with her. How could she be a good Luna, if she knew she was going to do something that could hurt her pack?

"Hey don't worry, we will figure something out." Kole said pulling her close to his chest, running his hands threw her hair, hoping that he was calming her worries.

"OK." She said tired of the stressful thoughts, and leaned back just far enough to kiss him and pulling away before he could deepen the kiss. She giggle as he growled playfully and pulled her back to him. Rory squeal as Kole flipped their positions all while continuing to kiss her running his fingers all over her body. She felt him slowly strip off her pajamas, nipping at her skin.

Rory gasped, not noticing that his eyes flashed silver as he bit with more pressure than before and couldn't help her eyes rolling back in bliss.


She knew something was wrong the moment she woke up. Unlike usual nights, Kole was sitting at the edge of the bed, his head in his hands.

"Kole?" She asked unsure as to why he wasn't still laying with her. Glancing as the clock she noticed that it was only five thirty in the morning and following his normal routine he would still be lying in bed until seven.

"Are you ok?" He questioned his voice harsh.

"What are you talking about?" She frowned pulling the sheets to her as she moved to rest on her elbow.

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