When You're Sad

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You were at home watching TV while DragonBlade was using the bathroom. You get a call from f/m (Family Member) saying that one of your cousins passed away. This made you very upset since you were very close with your family.

You hung up the phone and cry your eyes out. Dragonblade soon came back into the living room and saw you crying.

He runs up to you and sits down next to you.

"What's wrong princess?" He worriedly asks.

You explain that one of your cousins passed away and once you were done DragonBlade pulls you into a hug. He rubs your back trying to calm you down.

"It's alright princess you can cry on my shoulder."

You start to cry even more as you hugged him tighter. He stayed with you for the rest of today and tonight to make sure you'd feel better.


You were at home doing paperwork in the living room while Doctor was in the kitchen making dinner.

You get a call from f/m and he/she tells you that one of your female cousins passed away. You hung up the phone and you were in disbelief but you knew it was still true. You quietly began to cry, Doctor soon heard you crying and quickly walks towards you.

"Sweetheart, what's wrong?" He wipes your tears with his thumbs.

You explain to him what happened, he pulled you into a hug to which you hugged him tighter.

"It's going to alright Sweetheart, I promise." He whispers as he strokes your head and back.

"Y-yea...." You said as tears roll down your cheeks.

He helps you get up and once you two were done eating dinner, he takes you to your room and cuddles with you to help you sleep.


You were sitting in the living room watching tv with Shadow till you get a call from one of your parents and they explain to you that the family pet just passed away.

Tears immediately begin to fall down your cheeks, you kinda grew up with that family pet so it was really hard to believe that it's gone.

You hung up the phone and Shadow notices you crying. He cups your face with his hands as he uses his thumbs to wipe away your tears.

"What's wrong kitten?" He asks.

You explain what happened and he turns off the tv and carries you to your room.

"W-what are y-you doing?" You ask.

He places you in bed and cuddles up to you.

"Don't worry kitten I'll be here right by your side."

This calms you down a bit and you lean against his chest.


You and Glitch were playing videos games until you got a text message saying that one of your friends from school passed away.

You stopped playing and looked at Glitch. He stops playing and looks at you.

"What's wrong babe?"

"One of my friends from school....passed away." You were trying not to cry.

He places you on his laps and stares into your eyes.

"You know it's okay to cry, I'm right here." He wraps his arms around you and you lean your head against his shoulder. A few silent tears roll down your face.

He holds you tighter for almost an hour until you stopped crying. And after that, you two cuddled in your bed for the rest of the night.

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