Chapter 16: Potential [/]

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"My mom calls me Coco when I was smaller because I love meat," Christopher said

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"My mom calls me Coco when I was smaller because I love meat," Christopher said. The girl leaned closer, intently listening to him. "She calls me Bryant when she's mad."

"Mm, you told me that. Does she still do that?"

"Si," he replied, scooping some ice cream. "What about you?"

"Nothing special, really. My mom calls me Ana," the girl explained. "My neighbours would call me Morena or Mariposa because I used to wear a blue dress with glittering sequins. And it would like bounce whenever I walked."

Christopher laughed.

"They would call Rayna Chiquita or Fosfora because she's very hot-tempered," Anaeya said. "She once pour too much chamoy into the chamango because the customer paid a dollar lesser."

"Ay dios mio," he said, laughing. "I'm going to call her Fosfora one day. What else did you do in Tijuana?"

"I would go around the neighbourhood every morning in my blue dress and sometimes outside some clubs, selling elotes, chamango and tortillas. Then, I would watch the boys play football in the evening."

"You watch boys?" he asked, startled.

"No, not like that," she laughed, kicking his leg. "Most of them are my primos. They are like my brothers. We all know each other because there weren't many girls in my area."

"That's cute."

"Ellos son malos," Anaeya said. "They chased me with mud. We'd get chased by the neighbour with chancleta every evening. I even accidentally kicked a ball into one of their faces."

"We're boys."

She hummed in response. "But they did chased away a gringo with worms for me. She said that we were dirty kids who don't go to school. They were very sweet."

"You must miss them very much," he said, relaxing.

She nodded, a sad smile on her face. "I saw some of them at the funeral the other day. I think they were Javier, Luis and Yohnas. Their family is doing better now so they came by to visit."

"Excuse me, miss," a woman interrupted, approaching their table. "My name is Charlotte. May I know what's your name."

"Its Miss Devon," Christopher replied, squeezing Anaeya's hand beneath the table.

Anaeya raised an eyebrow at him but his expression urge her to play along. He eyed the stranger in suspicion, suprising Anaeya at the same time. Charlotte widened her eyes and backed away for a little bit.

"How can we help you?"

Charlotte didn't reply but stared at Anaeya.

"If you don't need anything, you should be on your little way."

"Oh, no," Charlotte quickly replied. She glanced back at Christopher in shock. "Not like that, sir."

"Its Mr. Velez."

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