A fun bonus chapter

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This is not cannon. I got bored and I haven't uploaded in like a couple hundred centuries, so here is this fever dream of a bonus story. Enjoy for some reason.

Natsu Dragneel
I grabbed Luce and started running like the hecking wind. I have an appetite that can't be tamed AND Luce was hungry too. She could have said something sooner. I mean, I would have to take a food break if she was hungry. That's what us gentlemen do, put ourselves before othe- wait no..... that was supposed to be the other way around. Wait. I'm thinking to myself, there are no typos here (except for my overall existence 🙂🙃). WAiT! WhY aM I tALkinG To mYSelVe?! hElP mE?!???!!!!

"Natsu?" My horrific self-realization was broken when Luce called my name.

"Yes?" I asked jumping slightly, not as if I was scared by my own voice. She knows. She always knows. Luce knows all. All hail Luce! LUcE!!!!!

"You looked drugged." Luce said while climbing out of my grasp. I would be lying if I said that I didn't feel drugged...... wHO sAiD tHaT?!?!??!?

"Are you ok?" Lucy questioned.

"Nothing is real. Pain is irrelevant. Life is meaningless." I said for no fudging reason. Luce backed away.

"It's too early in my life for me to think about that, so bibbity boop the back up and to the doctor's." Luce said with her arms crossed.

"Time was created by the government. We'll all die in about 60 years or so, what does anything mATtER?!?!" I said, with my voice cracking an embarrassing amount. Holy shot (anyone remember that vine? No? Ugh.) , I don't feel good.

Lucy had already grabbed my phone from my pocket. She pressed the home button, and reached my custom password. A.k.a the password that I have forgotten countless times. The password that I can't change because you have to enter the password to even change the password. THE PASSWORD THAT THE TOP PROGRAMMERS AND HACKEDS IN OUR BASE COULDNT EVEN CRAC- oh. She opened it.

Luce started to text someone, presumably Wendy. I felt the need...................... the need to................ eat the floor. I crouched down, the floor smelled like........... mmmmmmmhhhhhhh............. a smellll.......

I heard the pitter patter of feet running towards me. I could tell it was Wendy. You know how you can tell who someone is just by their footsteps, it's something like that...... but........... the walls are dancing to Cha Cha Slide.

I felt Luce and Wendy drag me. How rude of them. I will have to alert the council about this at once. This is unprecedent!


"Huh? UnHaND Me tHis InStanT!!!!!!!!"


"hOw DarE yOu!!!!!"

"NATSU!!!!!" I heard a familiar voice yell. I felt
my beautiful booty hit the floor. How dare such a treasure touch the likes of the fLoOr.

"Huh?" I said spinning around.

"You've been drifting on and off for the last hour....." The voice, who I can now identify as Lucy, mumbled in my ear.

"...................... I had the weirdest fsjdkaiw dream............"

I have no idea what this was or why I made it........ no comment.......

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