Chapter 9: Innocence [/]

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"Ana? Ray?"

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"Ana? Ray?"

"Dayana!" It was Rayna. She had stepped forward to join Anaeya's side.

The little girl smiled and ran towards her sisters, her piggy tails bouncing as she did. Rayna and Anaeya took turns hugging her as Dayana started to sob.

"An-Ana.. mu-mummy.. el-ella.."

"Hush, I'm here now," Anaeya murmured, comforting the kid. "Estoy aqui ahora."

Dayana nodded, rubbing her tears away with the back of her hand. Then, she looked up at Christopher and Erick. Her eyes sparkled.

"Ana," the girl whispered, pointing at Christopher. He waved, smiling at Dayana as she remained clinging to Anaeya. "Que-quien es estes?"

"Hola," Christopher said, going down on one knee. He offered a hand to her, the child frowned at it. "Mi nombre es Christopher." Then, he pointed at Erick. "El es Erick. El tiene un sobrino llamado Thiago."

Dayana didn't react, silently watching the boys. Her fingers twitched but she didn't release hold of her sister.

"Ella habla bien Español?" Erick asked. Rayna nodded.

"Dayana is just too shy," Uncle Thomas said, his arms on his waist. "It wasn't easy to get her talking but she understands whatever you're speaking. She is good at memorizing for a 3 year old."

"She said a full sentence when she was 2 and a half," Rayna added, proudly. "Give her a puzzle piece and she could solve it in less than a minute."

"Que?" It was Erick. He was still as confused as Christopher.

"She is autistic," Anaeya smiled, hugging Dayana. "Just a kid with special super powers."

"Supér cool," Christopher said, showing a thumbs up. Anaeya nodded, thankful that he understood. His friend however seemed confused, probably because they were speaking in English.

"I'll explain to you later," Rayna said to Erick.

"El es Christopher Bryant Velez Munoz. Tu color favorito es roho," Dayana said, out of the sudden. She turned her head to glance at Erick. "Tu ojos es verde. Erick Brian Colon Arista."

The two boys widened their eyes in suprise.

"How did sh-" Christopher trailed off when Uncle Thomas made a hushing sound. He stood tall, proud of his youngest niece.

"Dónde están los demás muchachos?" Dayana asked, shy.

"They are waiting for us in Miami," Rayna said, kneeling down to take Dayana in her arms. "Joelito, Richuki y Zabdiel said they can't wait to meet you."

"Zabaddy tambien?" Dayana asked, pulling away from Anaeya. The elder sister nodded, mouthing to Christopher that Zabdiel was Dayana's favourite. He chuckled.

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