Chapter Thirty Four

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You could hear every noise in the Main Street, from the rustle from the leaves of the Tree's that lined the road as they blew in the gentle breeze, to the rumble of car's tyre's as they drove down the bitumised Street and the chatter of People's voices as they communicated with each other either as they walked along the footpath's down either side of the road, or shouted for somebody's attention from one side of the road to the other.
No He's not.
Isn't that what Rikki just said?
But how was that even possible?
Didn't they get a DNA test done two years ago?
With my heart positively pounding inside my chest, I cautiously removed my gaze from Rikki's ugly, lying face, to look at Blayze.
I'd been fully expecting to find him looking more angry than a Bull in a Bull Fighting ring, but what I could so far see was a mixture of shock, disbelief and confusion filling his handsome face.
"Now you know!"
Rikki croaked, her voice strained from tension.
She went to walk off, but I watched on with wide eyes as Blayze grabbed her arm just above her elbow and pulled her back so she stood more or less back where She'd started.
I released a semi relived breath when Blayze let go of Rikki's arm, his glare lethal as He stared down at her.
"You're not goin' anywhere until you tell Me what the fuck you're playin' at."
Blayze warned.
Rikki looked around with wide eyes and I only noticed now that her hands were trembling where She clutched the straps of her faux leather handbag.
"I h-hardly th-think th-this is th-the p-place to d-do this..."
She stammered, her choppy words showing her stress.
However, I didn't feel the least bit sorry for her.
Had she lied about Tameron being Blayze's Kid?
It sure sounded like that was what she was trying to say...
"If you lied to Me about Tameron, then I don't care who the hell knows about what a dirty, lying whore you are!"
Blayze retorted, his tone laced with venom.
I saw a couple of Ladies from my Grandma's Prayer Group stop walking, their gaze locked on Blayze and their jaws dropping open.
I cringed.
Once we're done here with Rikki, I'm going to have to get on the phone to Home...
Otherwise the gossip will reach my Grandparents and my Mother before we got Home and had the chance to explain things.
Rikki squeaked, sounding and looking absolutely desperate.
"We got a DNA test done when you first told me about him!"
Blayze shouted, throwing his hands into the air.
Rikki clenched her jaw, her green eyes glossy with a round of unshed tears.
"I lied Okay? My Son needed a Dad and You're a way better option than his real Fa-"
Eyes widening, Rikki cut herself off and slammed a hand over her mouth, like She wanted to be able to push her words back in and swallow them.
"So who the hell's his real Dad?"
Blayze asked, his tone biting like the lash of a whip.
"How the hell dan you lie when there was a DNA test?!"
I demanded, finally unable to keep my mouth shut any longer.
Rikki looked from Blayze, to Me and back to Blayze, her eyes still filled with tears.
Blayze apparently wasn't annoyed by my question, because he just folded his arms across his chest and raised an eyebrow at Rikki, waiting for her to talk.
"I slept with the Lab Technician and got him to change Tameron's results."
Rikki stated through a tightly clenched jaw.
A red blush flooded her cheeks.
Somebody at the Hospital changed the DNA results because She slept with them?
I felt my jaw nearly hit the floor.
I looked to Blayze to see his jaw clenched so tightly the ridge of muscle was showing and his eyes were tainted into a fierce glare.
"Figures you'd spread your legs to get your way!"
He spat, looking disgusted.
"So who's the asshole that's the Kid's real Father?"
He asked, clearly unwilling to let that particular issue go.
"Th-that d-doesn't m-matter!"
Rikki stammered, her green eyes wide.
She didn't even try and counter Blayze on the accusation of her being a slut...
"Tameron and I are leaving again!"
Rikki declared, forcing herself to stand up straighter.
"Now you know the truth."
She adjusted her handbag straps on her shoulder.
"I'm sorry that I lied."
She swallowed so hard that I saw her throat move.
"Apology not accepted!"
Blayze snapped, glaring at her.
"You can't say sorry about something like this and fucken think everything's gonna be okay!"
She certainly couldn't.
Rikki's gaze flickered over to Me, then back to Blayze.
She noticeably faltered when trying to be strong enough to look him in the eye.
She should feel bad.
Who knows how much this is going to fuck Blayze up?!
"You have Kid's now."
Rikki all but whispered, her bottom lip trembling.
"Maybe one day you'll come to understand that you'll do anything for them."
"Except lie to them and the Father about who the Father is!"
I snapped, more than fed up with her bullshit.
Guilt flashed in Rikki's eyes, but I certainly didn't feel an ounce of sympathy for her.
"I deserve to know who you tried to replace by using Me."
Blayze told Rikki, frowning.
Rikki vigorously shook her fake blonde head.
"Wh-what m-makes y-you th-think y-you k-know h-him?"
Blayze glared at her.
"Cut the crap!"
He spat, clearly fed up.
Rikki shook her head once again.
"I c-cant tell you!"
She squeaked.
Can't tell him?
Why the hell not?
Blayze growled, looking furious.
"Get the fuck out of my Town and never come back here!"
He snapped and turned on his boot heel to walk away.
I bit into my bottom lip and prepared to follow him.
Either He no longer wants to go to the Pub, or He just wants to avoid Rikki and use a different set of doors.
But first I had to give Rikki a piece of my mind.
"It's Hunter!"
Rikki squeaked after Blayze's retreating figure.
Why did that name sound familiar?
Blayze stopped walking maybe now six feet away from where I was standing.
Slowly he turned around, his glare fierce.
"This is just another one of your god damn lies."
He growled, apparently not believing her.
"It's the truth!"
Rikki squeaked, tear's splashing onto her pale cheeks.
"I fucken wish it wasn't, but it is!"
She hiccuped and lifted a hand to wipe at her tear stained cheeks.
This wasn't making any sense...
Blayze glared at Rikki, his stare venomous.
"You told me all those years ago that you'd broken up with him!"
He snapped, striding back towards Rikki.
"I had!"
Rikki insisted, her tone strained.
"But he's unstable, you know that!"
Blayze looked incredibly frustrated, lifting his hands to rub them over his face.
Slowly he let his hands back down to his sides and glared at Rikki.
"Then good fucken luck to ya."
He turned on his heel and started to walk away again.
"He's in Town, Blayze, so be careful!"
Rikki called after him, her voice strained.
It was time for Me to follow Blayze.
I shot Rikki a disapproving glare as I passed her.
"I hope you're happy with yourself."
I informed her before turning on my heel and chasing after my Fiancé.

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