Chapter 8: Busybody [/]

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Christopher stared longingly at the girl and turned back when he heard Erick and Rayna arguing next to him

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Christopher stared longingly at the girl and turned back when he heard Erick and Rayna arguing next to him. Apparently, Erick was recording the moment as Rayna scolded him to keep the device away.

That two were getting along too fast and then arguing with each other every now and then. And the girl was winning every time despite Erick being bad in English and she in Spanish.


Rayna was a law student, Anaeya had mentioned. And she always wins.

Christopher felt bored.

And he had wanted to know more about Anaeya. But their seats on this flight were unfortunately separated, which the girl didn't seem to mind at all.

But he did.

"Excuse me," Christopher said, leaning to the side. The lady sitting next to Anaeya quirked a smile at him, acknowledging. "Can we exchange seats please?"

"Of course," the lady said, giggling. She looked at Anaeya and then back at him. "Girlfriend?" she whispered.

"Not yet," he whispered back. They both stood up and switched seats before the flight attendants did the final checks.

Anaeya had her eyes closed and arms crossed when he settled next to her. She was wearing earphones, listening to music. From her phone screen, he could see that she was listening to Sebastian Yatra's album.

"Ana, mi amor," he called, tapping her lightly on the knee. She blinked her eyes open and smiled at him.

"Que pasa?" she muttered, softly.

He shook his head. "I switched seats. Erick and Rayna are being too noisy." She hummed, removing her earphones.

"Were you sleeping?"

"No, I was just waiting for the plane to fly. I don't usually sleep during flights, unless I'm too exhausted."

"You can sleep if you want," Christopher replied, patting his shoulder. She gave a half-smile, amused. "What? I do have muscles, you know. I even showed them to you yesterday."

She hummed, playing along. "I think you're just average." The boy scoffed. "Nothing special, really. But did you return Alan his shirt?"

"Its in the laundry basket," he said, shrugging. She raised an eyebrow at him. "Back in the hotel."

"Oh my gosh," Anaeya sighed. "What did he even wear when he left HQ? He is going to kill you."

"Apparently, Richard wants to kill me too," Christopher scoffed. A sly smile spreaded on his face. "He said that Clara wants to bury me alive."

"What? Why would they want to do that?" she questioned. "Wait! Didn't you tell them?"

"I texted them before the flight," he brightened. "Besides, I have something to settle in San Francisco too."

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