chapter thirty-seven ; red-handed

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october. 2010

David walked back into the dining room, his face looked like he'd seen a ghost and his heart was still pounding. He was still attempting to process what he'd just witness. He'd accidentally stumbled upon the proof he needed, although he almost wished that he'd never answered the phone.

He didn't want to believe that Finn was Heisenberg but unfortunately all the proof pointed directly at Finn. He wanted to deny it however he couldn't.

"Winona, Noah, we should be heading home." The man stated calmly to his family. His thoughts were racing and he had no idea what else he could do.

His nephew was one of the biggest criminals in the Southwestern United States.


"That'll be eleven dollars." Finn stated to an elderly woman with a smile on his face. She handed him some money and he stuffed it into the cash register.

He was helping Natalia at the car wash and having a really great time. It felt good to have some sense of normalcy even if it would only last for a few hours.

All of a sudden a familier face burst through the doors. Finn cocked his head and noticed the worried look on the brunette girl that was rapidly approaching him. He could tell that there was definitely something on Millie's mind.

"Have a good day m'am." He quickly said to the customer so that she would leave before Millie got to him.

"Bitch why the hell didn't you answer my calls?" Millie exclaimed, still walking toward Finn.

The tall boy exhaled. "My phone is at home." He answered calmly. He hoped that if he stayed collected, Millie would calm down a bit.

"I called you yesterday and someone answered but it wasn't you... I've tried to call you all day today. I called Sean and he told me about you buying the car wash and I thought you might be here... And why the hell didn't you tell me you bought this place?"

Finn's stomach churned at the thought of someone else answering his phone and talking to Millie. He felt like his heartbeat stopped for a few seconds. He did his best to stay calm but he felt like he was going to be sick.

"Forget about the car wash... What did you say to them and was it a man or a woman?" He questioned reluctantly.

Millie swallowed hard and looked down at her feet. "It was uh.. A man. I uhm... I said that Ellen wants us to have another meth shipment ready by the end of the week. Y'know... For the Czech Republic."

All Finn could do was plop down onto the cold floor and put his head into his hands. He just wanted to cry his eyes out and then go jump off a cliff. After a year of being cunning, tying up every loose end, and risking it all, Millie completely screwed them over by saying one sentence.

"We're ruined." The boy muttered.

The brunette girl sniffled and felt tears in her eyes. She took a seat next to her boyfriend and wrapped her arms around his waist. She burried her face into the crook of his neck and simply listened to his breathing, as she didn't know what else to do.

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