Make Me Feel Better (TomEdd)

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Edds Pov

Tom has been drinking a lot lately...
When I ask how he's doing, he always says "I'm just perfect." before taking another swig.
I have to ask him what's wrong....when he's sober enough

It's a normal night in the house, though, I forgot to mention, Tord returned!
Now it's just like old times! I'm not dumb, I could guess that Tom is upset because of him.
Though, this never happened before he left. I just want to resolve their rivalry so Tom could stop drinking.
We've been great friends since highschool, rambling about creating funny comic strips and animations staring us.

*knock knock*

Not hearing anything, I walked into his room. It doesn't appear he's in here, but there is a bunch of empty Smirnoff bottles by his bed side. His closet is also opened, which had some unopened bottles stocked in there.

How much money did he spend on alcohol??

Tom must be somewhere drinking right now.

I casually walked around the house, trying to stay calm. As I was about to head upstairs, I heard glass shattering. It sounded like it came from Tords room. Aware of how their relationship is, I quickened my pace hoping no ones dead yet. I didn't bother to knock, opening the door to see Tom cursing Tord out. Tord had blood running down his forehead, looking quite frustrated.
I stood in the middle of them, attempting to end the fight. Tom took a swing at my jaw, stumbling back.

Tom noticed what he did and covered his mouth with his hands. "-E-Edd!" His mood completely changed, storming out of the room. I knew I jumped in at the wrong time. Tord put his hand on my shoulder.

"Edd, I didn't do anything! He just barged into my room and started yelling at me." I noticed the broken glass next to him. Looking around the room, I also noticed a Hentai site pulled up on his computer. He must have been busy. "I've only been good ever since I got back from the big city. Honest!" Sure Tord. Suuure.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm going to talk with Tom." I left Tord and his mess because I knew he can do it himself. He cleaned up other messes before. (lenny face)

Walking back to Toms room, I see him sitting on his bed. He buried his face into his hands, silently crying.

"Hey!" I called with a smile. Tom looked up and blushed.

"Y-you're not mad??"

"I know you didn't mean it." I sat next to him and swung my arm over his shoulders. He looked away. "Tom....can you...please explain to me...You've been drinking an awful lot lately and it's scaring me." He continues to look away. "Look at me!" I turned his face in my direction by his chin. He tried not to make eye-contact.

"I.......h-he....." More tears fell from his face as he spoke. "H-he hurt me so much in the past, Edd......I-I'm just so scared of what he'll do..." Tom looked down at his feet, embarrassed. Before I can speak again, Tom got up from the bed, making a stance. "I envy you! You're always in a good mood. You always want to make other people happy." I felt my cheeks heat up. "..And I love that about you..."

His words made me feel all warm inside. I'm not sure if I like him like that, but we'll see. I opened my arms,offering a hug and smiled. Tom practically jumped on top of me, tightening his grip. I hugged him back, leaving a kiss on top of his head.

I'll hang out with him more to make sure he's alright. As well as try to convince him that Tord is a better man now.....for the most part. That will be hard to do. I just know it.

But anything for Tom. He deserves to be happy, too.

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