22 - Jen

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This is one of my favorite chapters. i hope you like it!

She didn't know what to think when he finally texted her. She had become used to speaking to him every day and suddenly it had been almost a week. She missed him and even Avery could tell she was in a mood.

It was bad enough that she forfeited her plan to go to Maine because of the benefit. Then she had to spend the entire evening with Sterling. The previous year she was annoyed with him because he worked the room all night and left her alone. This year he insisted she joined him so they could represent Dixon Designs together. She kept hissing that it would be that much harder when word of the divorce got out.

She said, "Sterling, you're not being fair to Trevor. He isn't going to hide in the shadows while you pretend you're married to me. I intend to date once we're divorced and I might be seen out."

"Darling, we're a team, true partners," he said.

"In business only!"

On Sunday she was so disappointed when Alex wasn't home. She needed to hear his voice. The week went on and she couldn't reach him. By Wednesday night she was alternating between being mad and worried. In desperation, she called her parents to make sure he was alright.

On Thursday night when he finally called, she purposely let the phone ring before answering. He said, "Sorry I've been crazy all week. All my jobs are ending and I'm preparing for the next ones."

"I thought you were upset with me and I didn't know why," she said betraying herself when she had planned to act cool.

"No, why would I be upset? Things on the house are fine. You haven't thrown any changes at me recently," he said.

"Well, I thought we were friends... more than just builder and designer," she said, feeling rather hurt.

"I suppose so," he said sounding not very convinced.

"Well, maybe I was wrong. I was wondering how things were coming along."

"Things are right on track. The kitchen is taking shape. I'll send you some pictures tomorrow.

"I was disappointed that I couldn't come last weekend," she said.

"I'm sure you had important things to do," he said.

"It was important for the firm, but not me. I had to go to an event that was filled with potential clients and I had to smile while Sterling sucked up to them," she said.

"So you're together again?" he said.

"Oh God, no! He insisted we go for the firm. You know appearances and all that. Why do you care? You just tried to tell me we aren't friends," she said. She desperately wanted to tell him the truth that her days revolve around their phone calls and this week she was completely miserable.

"Did I?" he asked.

"What's bothering you really?" she asked.

"I don't know. This house is almost done. Then you'll go on with your life in New York. I'll start my new projects. You know what they say life goes on," he said.

She didn't respond because there wasn't anything for her to say. She'd be in Maine for two weeks finishing the house. She was already busy scheduling for deliveries to arrive. After the house was done she planned to spend some weekends in Maine over the summer, but that was not the same as working with him.

Finally, she said, "We have some of the same friends we may run into each other from time to time."

"Maybe. Listen I've got some work to do."

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