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(Y/n)'s P.O.V.:

I stared at the bookshelf, deciding which book I should take. A little later, I let out a huge sigh. I've read most of the books, people in this town don't know what education is, so there aren't many books. With a disappointed sigh, I picked up the books I haven't read, there were only two of them though. As I held the books under my arms, I skipped out of the library with my basket filled with fruits, breads and stuff to make dinner. In my other hand I held some clothes that I had gotten back from the washer.

"Heya (y/n)" Happy greeted me cheerfully, his blue hair flying around as he jumped over the fence, playing with other kids. I smiled at the young boy.

"Hello Happy dear" I waved at him as he smiled and ran away with Arius, Azura, and Evan. The three boys also waved at me. I waved back as I continued my walk back home, seeing some chickens I jumped over them as they flapped about making me almost trip until someone caught me.

"Be careful dear" Uncle Dranbalt said with a caring look and warm smile before steadying me.

"Thanks for the save uncle, I'll be, see you later" I smiled at him before I began walking again, this time a bit more careful. I greeted everyone on my way back home and they greeted me back, almost slipping in the mud I ran with full speed ahead until Yukino caught my eyes. She turned to me and waved me cheerfully. I looked at her and waved back, the clothes also moving with my hand, as I was close to my home I didn't bother looking up. Big mistake, I jumped into someone and fell down, everything that I was holding spread across the ground, I'll have to wash the fruits, I groaned, good thing the bread is covered with a napkin.

"Awe jeez, this encounter made my soul quiver, where are you running off too sweetheart?" Bacchus held out a hand for me. I gave him the most mean glare I could muster before standing up myself and dusting off my dress.

"Get out of my hair you old drunken bastard" I rolled my eyes before I started gathering my stuff. I placed my books together on the ground and took my basket.

"Now now, why are you so mean to me? You talk so nicely to other villagers" Bacchus made a sad face.

"You deserve it you old hag" I sneered at him as I collected all the stuff from my basket. As I gathered the once washed clean clothes my eyes teared up. They were all dusty, tears escaped my eyes.

"I'm not crying, I'm not crying at all" I sniffed.

"Oh my, why are you crying?" Bacchus pulled me to my feet and leaned close to my face.

"(Y/n) Punch!" I punched his face with all the strength I could muster. However it only managed to catch him off guard, giving me time to free myself. I quickly gathered the clothes and held my stuff.

"That's why women shouldn't be educated, they become rebellious" Bacchus muttered out in anger. My eyes twitched.

"(Y/n) Kick!" I kicked Bacchus where the sun doesn't shine. "Get your rear out of my house" I flipped him off and went inside my home. I let out a sigh of relief as I placed all the stuff I bought and returned to my room, crashing down on my bed. I laid there for a while then decided to get up and put the stuff in the places where they belong.

As I opened my bedroom door to exit my room, I was startled by another face "Kya!!!!" I shouted out as I jumped back. When I noticed the man in front of me, I immediately recognized him. However it was too late, the damage had already been done. He was covered in mud, his black robe with the gold trims was also dirty, the white toga was no exception. His expression however was the worst, tears were flooding his eyes as his face was twisted into the most saddest of looks.

"Father!" I exclaimed and hugged him tightly, but gently. He broke down.

"(Y-y/n)" he called my name, crying as he held me, losing his balance, I tried to hold him up but slowly sat down knowing I can't stand straight with him hanging on like that. I rubbed his back soothingly.

"Father, is everything okay? What did they do this time? And what did you kill?" I asked gently, knowing he is sensitive.

"I accidentally touched a chicken... They attacked me and I....." Zeref broke into sobbing, I held him protectively.

"And they pushed you into the muddy swamp" I sighed, softly stroking his wet jet black hair as he sobbed into my shoulder.

"I deserved it! I'm so sorry" Zeref held me tighter, seeking for a sense of safety and comfort.

"Look father, it wasn't your fault, and it isn't your fault that you were cursed, the villagers just don't understand that, they didn't knew Mother Mavis was a wizard, and its her fault for cursing you with this" I comforted him. It's true, Mavis is my mother, but she didn't gave birth to me, I was a mistake, my mother (m/n) somehow got pregnant with Zeref's child, or me. She died giving birth, Zeref took me in. Mavis thought he cheated on her so she cursed him, and even left August, her blood related son with father. Whatever my father touches, if it is living, it will die, but only me and August are exceptions. I have my mother's face, so maybe that's why Mavis left despite my mother being dead.

"I'm so sorry! I had no idea how it happened! I didn't mean to" Zeref just cried harder. It's the truth, Zeref didn't remember anything at all, but I was his blood and even Mavis could tell it, she thought he was lying. I pushed him away from me and looked at his teary red eyes. And he was also talking about what happened today.

"Look father, I'm telling you, it wasn't your fault and it never will be, so stop blaming yourself or I will get angry" I told him with a serious look. He hugged me again and nodded, well I felt him nod.

"Thank you for not leaving me" Zeref muttered, now more calmer than before.

"Don't be, you're my father, you took care of me despite all odds, despite everything, this is the least I can do for you dad, and I promise, I will never leave you alone, not now, not in the future, not ever." I stroked his hair as his crying ceased.  I looked at him and noticed he fell asleep.

"Dad, you'll get sick if you'll sleep like that, all muddy and soggy" I shook him awake.

After making sure he went to take a shower, I placed all the stuff into their spots and waited for my turn to shower.

Oh Zeref, you kawaii bean.

I'm so sorry my bean, but I must do this.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy.

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