Part 69 - Dancing shadows

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Due to a large amount of people asking me to carry on my book, I have done so, I hope you all like it! When the Fifth season cones out I might be doing some editing :) enjoy! xox

Night was upon us, the train car was shrouded in darkness and I could only see Rick's face because of the illumination of the moon light. I was sat next to him, my knees drawn up to my chest and my head was cradled in my crossed arms. "Someone must have an idea on how we're going to get out" Bob sparked up, I slowly lifted my head up, trying to determine which shadow movement belonged to him. "Well what do you propose we do Bob?" Sasha stated, I started hearing shuffling around as she got up, the beam of moonlight was temporarily blocked by her petite form. I lowered my head back to my arms, and huffed a sigh of despair, I was going to go crazy, we needed to get out. "Does anyone have anything on them?" Glenn asked, also getting up, I could just make out his face as my eyes were readjusting to the pure darkness. I reached down to my boot and pulled out my little knife, it was a tiny thing, but it had gotten me out of a load of situations in the past. "Here you go" I held up the knife and waited until it was taken from my hand. "Right, okay, now were getting somewhere" he declared "Well what can we do with that? pick the lock? there's no way out of here Glenn" I recognised the worried voice to be Maggie's. "Rick... what do we do" Daryl began, also joining the congregation of people who were now standing up. Rick didn't say a word, he hesitated then sighed. "Maybe Maggie's right, there isn't a way out... We'll just have to try and jump them when they come to get us, if they come to get us" He said, he stood up, I could hear more shuffling as he walked over to the other end of the train car. My head was still perched upon my arms, I was so tired, I just wanted to sleep. "There's gotta be a way out, there's always a way out" Michonne had now entered the discussion, taking on the role to encourage our spirits, though it was proving unsuccessful. "We've gotten so far, all this way just to give up dad?" Carl stood in, agreeing with Michonne, "Carl's right Rick, we can't just give up, we've never gi-" Glenn paused mid sentence, "Did you hear that?" he whispered, "Everyone get up, get ready, we're getting out of here" Rick demanded, I heard more shuffles of feet, at this time I think everyone was on their feet except me, I was so tired, I just wanted to sleep, I could feel sleepiness overtake my mind. I tried to fight it but I couldn't."Jess c'mon were getting out of here" Someone whispered to me. I just ignored them, that's when I head the padlock clink on the large wooden door, I lifted my head up slowly, but the noise stopped so rested back on the crossed arms. 

The whole train car was flooded with light as the large door slid open, my head shot up and I had to shield my eyes with my arm as the light was to bright for my eyes to bare, they needed to readjust again. "Tyreese?!" Carl Whisper yelled, "C'mon guys we gotta go Carol's waiting in the woods, we have to go, now" he replied. Everyone began to flood through the train car door and follow Tyreese. I didn't move, I wanted to but I just couldn't, my body wouldn't allow it. "Jess..." Rick stood in the doorway before crouching down to me, "We need to go" he continued "I want to... but I can't, I'm too... tired... I just... want to sleep" I replied "I know you're tired but we need to press on just a little bit longer can you do that? for me?" I looked up at him, it had felt like weeks since I had seen his beautiful blue eyes, I admired them for a moment before nodding and getting up. Rick took my hand and helped me out of the train car, the cool fresh Georgia air hit me like a tonne of bricks, but it also woke me up. We began to run towards the fence by the woods and climbed through a hole that I assume Tyreese had made as he was holding it open for us.

The rest of the group were no where to be seen, "Were is everyone?" I asked "They've gone up ahead, there's an opening not far from here where we can stay until we've gotten everything in order" Tyreese replied, we began to run to the opening and it was not long until we had found the rest of the group. "There's a house not far from here where we stayed for a while we can go there its about an hour from here" Tyreese continued. An hour? Jeeze I don't think I could take much more of this. "Oh, and Rick? There is someone here who I think you should see" He continued, he took Rick through the group and saw Carol who was holding something, well, someone, as she turned around Rick and Carl dsaw that she was holding Judith. My stomach was doing flips as I watched their family be brought back together again. This made me so emotional, nore than I thought it would, perhaps it was because I was tired, but this really affected me, My eyes were beginning to water. "We gotta go" Rick cried, cradling baby Judith in his arms, he beagn to walk with Carl and Carol who was leading the group back to the house. "Tyreese, how did you know we were in there?" Glenn asked walking inbetween Tyreese and Maggie, I was on the other side of Tyreese. "We saw the signs for Terminus and we reckoned that you folks might be there, we got here and I thought I would scope it out before going in there, that's why I cut the fence... I wanted to make sure they wern't cannibals or something" He joked, sniggering at his own humor, this made me think about what I had seen before we were forced into the train car, the burnt, rotting flesh, and the cries for help in the large storage crate."That's when I heard voices from that freight car thing, and heard you guys" Tyreese finished "They're bad people" Glenn added, his tone was lower than before.

"Glenn? Who are those people you were with in the train car? I don't recognise them..." I asked. "Well" He began "That burly guy over there, he's called Abraham" He pointed to a very hench blonde man that could probaly pass off for an action man figure. "This guy over there is Eugene, He's a scientist" this guy was brunette, his hair fell into a mullet type style that almost went down to his broad shoulders, he looked shy, as though he was afraid of his own shadow. "That is Rosita" This woman was quite tall, her brunette hair was tied in pigtails that went down her back, her form was quite petite, though she looked like she could handle herself. "And she is Tara, she stuck by me most of all and helped me find Maggie" Glenn finished. I glanced over at Tara, she looked familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it, she too looked afraid of her own shadow.

"Do you know if anyone else got out of the prison?" Maggie questioned Tyreese peering around Glen to see his face. "Naw not that I know of, just you guys" He replied, looking back at Maggie. I looked around, something wasn't right, someone was missing "Hey Tyreese? Where's Sophia?" Tyreese went quiet,  I glanced over at him with confusion until he dropped his head, I knew exactly what had happened, I just didn't want to believe it. "The house we were at, she, she was attacked, but we were to late. Carol took care of it" he replied, a tear slipped down my cheek and my walking pace began to slow down. I began to trail further behind the group, but Daryl caught on and waited for me to catch up. "Jess, are you okay?" He asked, he was beginning to be concerned. I looked at him and realised he had his crossbow back. "Where did you get that?" I asked back, changing the subject and pointing to the weapon which caused him to look down. "They left them all outside the train car where we had left them... Pfft amatures" He replied, his comment made me giggle a little. "It's so good to see you smile Jess" He confessed, "It actually feels good to smile" I stated, Though I was hiding my exhaustion, it did actually feel good that he cheered me up a little. "We're close, It's just through this opening" Tyreese pointed up ahead, I could see the roof of the house, before long we were there.

Once we had entered the house, we had all gotten tucked in for the night, mostly everyone had gone to sleep. I sat down and was ready to go to sleep when RIck sat down beside me, staring in awe at his daughter. I began to stare at her too, she was perfect. It made me think about having children, how I wished that I had settled down, have my man come home from work, give him a child that we could raise together, but then this catastophe happened, and ruined everything. "We should sleep" I said, placing a kiss on Rick's cheek before laying down, Rick placed Judith between us and layed down too. "My two favourite girls in the whole world" He stated, pressing his lips againgst mine before planting a little sweet kiss upon Judith's head. I closed my eyes, and lets just say I didn't find it hard to fall alseep that night.

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