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[ ^^ dom culture]

Junglecock:....hyung what the fuck is going on

*sunshine*: I told you I was right yoongshit I'm alwaYS RIGHT.

Junglecock: Idk if nows the time to be bitching hobi hyung

Seokmedaddy: guys hold on and shut the fuck yo for one moment and let me try to figure out what's going on

*sunshine* is typing...

*sunshine*: no hyung

*sumshine*; that V kid sounded pretty serious, and if your 'baby boy' is flat out using profanities now than clearly something more personal that we shouldn't involve ourselves in unless asked.

Junglecock is typing...

Junglecock: wow hyung that's the smartest thing I've heard you say all day-

suga_nspice: fucking save it jeon not now.

Seokmedaddy: I guess you make a good point...fine.


Tommorrow is worldwide handsome day if you don't hype our bb up then imma fuck you up simple as that 😔👏

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