Chapter 14

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Stranger- *Lifts Nychelle's head out of the water* I'm gunna make all you guys pay for everything. For every pain you guys have caused me. *Dunks her head into the water* And i'm taking your pretty little boyfriends down with you *Dunks Nychelle's head back into the water*

Nychelle- *Thinks: I Never thought my life would end like this. This is what Michy must have felt. I'm sorry Michy.* I am so sorry *Goes unconscious*

*The campfire. Ray runs up to everyone

Roc- What you doin back?

Ray- Came to grab some blankets

Steph- Where's Chelly?

Ray- Back at the lake

Steph- You left her alone!?

Ray- yea

Moe- Are you stupid? Why would you leave her alone in the dark, in the woods?

Ray- No i'm not stupid. i just needed to get some blankets

Aliyah- Why are you still standing here? Get what you need and leave!

Ray- Fine fine. I'm going *Grabs blankets and runs back to the lake*

*The lake

Stranger- *Hears something coming* This isn't over *Runs and leaves Nychelle in the water*

Ray- Nychelle? Nychelle!! Chelly!! Nychelle! *looks around and flashes the flashlight into the water. Ray sees something bobbing in the water. He goes into the water to see what it is and finds Nychelle* Nychelle oh my god babe! *Grabs Nychelle and drags her to shore* Help!! Help!! baby wake up please! Helppp!!!!!

*The Campfire

*Everyone is laughing

Khalil- Everyone saw it *laughs*

Katiana- So let me get this straight. She got mad because he dumped her so she panted him

Khalil- Yup and everyone saw his cinderella boxers.. It was so sad *Everyone Laughs*

Aliyah- I don't blame her. He asked her out and not even a week later he sleeps with her sister then dumbs her? Come on. Men who cheat are ass holes *Roc puts his head down and Steph look away* and should rot in hell *Covers her mouth as she realises what she said* I'm so sorry Roc i forgot about... Your not an ass hole just other men who cheat.. Imma shut up now

Roc- It's ok i was an asshole for cheating... I don't even know what came over me that night. I don't expect you guys to forget that.. It was stupid

Steph- But i forgave him so lets drop it ok.. It was the past lets move on

Prince- Do you guys hear that?

Moe- Hear what Babe?

Prodigy- I hear it too

Steph- Hear what

Prince- Someone screaming..

Prodigy- Sounds like someone screaming help *Gets kinda worried*

Moe, Aliyah, and Steph- Ray and Nychelle!! *Everyone gets up and runs over. Roc helps Stephanie up and walks over to the lake with her*

*The lake

*Everyone is there and sees Ray holding Nychelle crying

Aliyah- What happened?

Ray- I just came and found her in the water unconscious.. I think she drowned

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