Ten; First Punishment

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She slowly untaped the diapee and used the cold wipe on the bone above my pussy.

"Aw. Your so wet." She pretended to pout. "Too bad that you had to be a grouchy girl." She slicked her finger between my lower lips, making me whimper.

"Do you want me to stop, pretty girl?"

"M-Mommy." I begged.

"Mommy what? What do you want from Mommy?" She lightly kissed my cheek, continuing to massage my pussy in different places.

"Mommy, l-let me cummm." I continued.

"Oh, I think not, naughty girl." She lightly licked my ear, before landing a slightly hard slap on my vagina, making me yelp. She got a new, also cold wipe and cleaned me again. She then put baby powder on, slowly massaging it into place, putting the diapee over it.

"Next time, are we going to be a good girl?" I nodded, tears streaming down my face, as she picked me up. She calmly wiped them and kissed me so softly. That's the first time that she kissed my lips. I smiled. She carried me across the room and sat in a rocking chair that was placed in a corner.

"I hear that you liked rocking chairs. " She whispered, grabbing a binky off a tray in the floor.

"Open, angel." I parted my lips slightly and she placed the rubber into my mouth. She then picked up a blanket and a stuffed unicorn. The blanket was a pretty pink and very soft. It had my name sewn into the corner in blue thread.

"The blanket, paci, and unicorn is yours, babygirl. I want them to keep you safe when mommy isn't around, okay?" I nodded, tearing up at her kindness. I think I love her. Like actually love her. She put the blanket over me, in her lap, and tucked it under my sides.

"Good girl." I held my uni close while she picked a book up out of the floor.

"This book is about a princess, just like you." She read the book to me while I snuggled her and my uni. She smelled so beautiful. She looked beautiful too. This is the first time that I have really looked at her so close. Her soft, straight brown hair fell perfectly around her face and boobs, while her, warm pink lips spoke soft, sweet words in a honey-like tone. Her eyes were so beautiful, I could get lost in them. Her eyes were brown but had light flecks of red in them. They shimmered when she was happy, resembling a welcoming fire on a cool Winters night. I hadn't realized that my pacifier fell out until she was picking it up off my lap.

"You are so cute when you stare." She laughed as my face heated up.

"Baabaglek!" I squealed, giggling and clapping my hands. She continued to laugh and pulled me closer to her warm body.

"Such a cute little baby." She whispered gently, rubbing my hip.

"I wobe woo, Momwy." I heard my lips speak. I couldn't control it, but I don't think I mind.

"I love you too, baby." She replied, kissing me, making the red in her eyes dance beautifully.

My mommy. Nobody elses. Ever. Just mine. I smiled, happily. I am happy now. For the first time in a long time.


Omg, where can I get a Jessica? I want one! Pleeeaaassseee !!! Pretty please with sprinkles on top !!!

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