Chapter 15: Interest [/]

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"Christopher is quiet," Sylvia stated, pouring sugar into a container

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"Christopher is quiet," Sylvia stated, pouring sugar into a container. Anaeya looked at her friend questioningly to which Sylvia returned a smile. "He's usually looking for you now if he's not by your side."

"He has no reason to look for me," Anaeya said. "He- the boys are probably in the studio recording for their new album. Their marketing consultant Xerxes was speaking to Clara earlier."

"Hmm, I saw Alan and his uncle this morning," Sylvia said. Then, she brightened, "Joel was singing. I think so.. because they had earphones on so I couldn't hear him. He wore a pink shirt today and he didn't shave."

"He looks younger when he shaves. Syl, I think you should bring Joel out for coffee," Anaeya suggested. "I think he needs someone to accompany him."

The spoon dropped from Sylvia's hands. "Me?" Anaeya nodded. "Why me? Can you follow? Cause.. I don't know how to talk to him."

"You don't need to talk all the time," Anaeya replied. "There's nothing much to do actually. Just sit there in silence. It is as simple as that."


The two girls turned around to find Christopher poking his head into the room before stepping in.

"Yes?" the girl replied, stirring coffee. "Do you need anything, Christo?"

"Are you free later?"

"Mhm, my break starts in half an hour. Why?"

"You want to go grab lunch with me?"

"Huh?" The girl turned to look at him with raised eyebrows. He was so close, close enough she could see that he was biting his bottom lip. "I don't understand."

"Do you want to go on a last minute first date with me?"

She blinked. Was this really happening? Did Christopher Velez just asked her on a date in the lounge room while she made coffee?

"But I never brought any spare clothes."

"No, you're pretty in just jeans and shirt. We'll have a fancy date next time. Asi que?"

"Okay," she said. "I'll meet you at the elevator."

He grinned at her, pressing a quick kiss on her forehead before leaving. She blinked, ignoring her friend's teasing.

"Do me a favor, Ana. Please don't just sit there in silence with Christopher," Sylvia said. "You need to do something about him. Its obvious that you two are comfortable with each other. Don't hang on him."


"You want a hot dog?" Christopher asked. She blinked at him, startled. They had just ate in a Mexican diner. "Nevermind. One hot dog, please. No tomatoes."

She laughed at him, leaning on his arm as he pulled her close by the waist. They watched as the vendor expertly flipped burgers.

The girl quirked a smile, playing with the bracelets on his wrist.

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