Chapter-10 (e)

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Chapter-10: Wizengamot

Sirius's p.o.v:

We entered ministry while Pup was in my arms hiding her face in crook of my neck while dad, father and grandfather along with Remus walked behind me while Grandmom, Aunt Cassie is in visitors block along with Remus, Severus who is hiding his face behind cloak and Narcissa all the while people's stares and whispering's were following us. Lucius was another side of the room. We all seated at our designated seats waiting for the session to start.

Fudge, Umbridge, Amelia and Albus entered the room and when Albus spotted us his face grew red with anger but quickly he morphed into a smile. Amelia stood in her place cleared her throat gaining everyone's attention

"This court is in session. We are here today for the custody case of Selene Rosalie Potter. Everyone will keep quiet until you are given leave to speak. Presiding as Chief Witch for this case is Regent Madam Augusta Longbottom. This case is brought in front of us by  Lord Black." She finished.

"Sorry for the interruption Madame Bones and Madame Longbottom. I would like to claim my seats on wizengamot first." I stated.

"It is okay Lord Black proceed," Amelia said.

"I Lord Sirius Orion Black do hereby claim Black Seat on wizengamot. I swear I will vote in sessions and trials truly so no injustice is done to magical beings. So I Swear. So, Mote, it is." I said and Magic passed through in a swish.

"I Lord Sirius Orion Black do hereby stand instead of Heiress potter as a proxy for potter seat. I swear I will vote in sessions and trials truly so no injustice is done to magical beings. So I Swear. So, Mote, it be." I said and once again magic passed through me and Pup in a swish all the while Pup was seated in Potter seat hearing everything without any expression on her face.

"Lord Black, you're here to claim your goddaughter Heiress Potter as a godfather right?" Madame Longbottom asked.

"Forgive me Madame Longbottom Heiress Potter is not only Potter's Heiress but also Black's Heiress. So that makes her Heiress Potter-Black." I informed her inwardly smirking while maintaining a blank face in front wizengamot which is very hard due to their faces mainly Albus's.

"Sirius my boy what are you saying Selene is the daughter of James and Lily's not yours. I think your brain got infected due to your stay in Azkaban." He said indirectly indicating to Wizengamot.

"Chief Warlock Dumbledore are you insulting a Lord of Most Ancient and Noble house? I think you don't have any say in this case as it is lead by Madame Bones and Longbottom?" I said to him in a steely voice.

"No no Sirius my boy but as magical guardian of Selene I have a right in this session to put forth my concerns." He said with a fake smile.

"I'm not your boy and Albus by forcing yourself as illegally as magical guardian to my daughter doesn't sit right with your position," I said smirking while Wizengamot was at rage after hearing my confession while Albus was seething.

"I didn't force myself, Sirius, as it was war I didn't want Selene to fall in wrong hands so I took the position of her Magical Guardian," Albus said and I know he was setting inside with rage but he doesn't want his image to get affected.

"Very well Lord Black what evidence you have indicated that Heiress Potter is your daughter too?" Madame Longbottom asked.

"Madame this birth certificate provided by goblins and also I don't think my daughter was safe at muggles who abused her on daily bases made her feel unwanted and unloved," I said and once again Wizengamot was in chaos.

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