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(isn't acoriding to the book or the movie. this is inspired my supernanny "teen faints due to stress")

this chapter is dedicated to @Princess_Geekchic who helped me get some ideas to add to this story. she is wonderful to work with. go read her amazing stories )

sorry if there are gramatical errors

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Josies pov:

"Josie. I am leaving take care of the children i wont be back for a week." mom yells.  "Ok bye mom" I scream.  I can't stand this. My mom should be watching these children. 5 little brothers are hard to control. Luckly i have one older brother to help me care for these kids. I am so worried about him. He is under so much stress to try and find a job to provide for us. His name is Adrian Pye. He is 19 years old. I am 15 years old but i don't know enough to take care of little boys. one of the boys started to have a litteral panic attack. I sprang into action and took him in my arms and started to sing a lullaby "my favorite things (sound of music)." he imdiately started to calm down and started to get sleepy. I held him in my arms and started to close my eyes. since Adrian was here he was able to take the kids to a park when the little brother started crying, so i was alone with my little brother. while i was starting to sleep i started to tear up wondering how i am going to take care of my brothers.

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