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Delayed Awakening - Chapter One

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Chapter 1

Ah. New beginning. New school. New day. Those words filled Hannah's mind as she walked up the front steps to her new school. Today, all the new students roamed around looking for clubs to join; auditions and openings were being held that day. She found her way to her room and put her things down.

Arriving at the desks stationed at the entrance of the school, she picked up some brochures. She roamed around and peeked into the different rooms, and soon found the art club. The current members welcomed her and she smiled. Without further encouragement she signed up to the club. She walked away looking for her next objective, the music club.

She walked into the next room. The room had a long line of people waiting for their audition. Someone suddenly taps her on the shoulder.

"Hi! Are you here to audition for the choir?" One of the members cheerily asked Hannah. Hannah shook her head.

"No, but I wouldn't mind if there weren't so many people already queuing up..." Hannah answered. Hannah had been in other choirs before this school. It was nothing new.

"Oh, come on. You wouldn't have to wait long." The member encouraged as she pushed Hannah to the back of the line.

"What is your name?" The member asked.

"Hannah. Hannah Bedingfield." Hannah responded. The line shuffled up as another reject emerged from the room blushing. The member wrote Hannah's name down, smiled and walked away. The wait was long, but not as long as Hannah had expected. She entered the room shaking inside.

"Hi. Hannah is it?" A friendly looking senior asked rhetorically. There were six members seated at the judging table. Three males and three females, the senior that had just asked the question was one of the females.

Hannah nodded in consent. The rest of the judges stayed silent while the senior motioned for Hannah to pick up the sheet lying on the floor. It had the score and the lyrics to a famous song.

The senior reached forward and pressed the play button on the CD player in front of her. The song started to play. Hannah listened through it and knew that she could sing it. She had to sing it along with the other graduates at her graduation ceremony from primary school and it was still fresh in her mind.

She nodded and the senior pushed the next button. The instrumental version of the song started to play. Hannah listened for the cue then started to sing.

Hannah had a beautiful melodious voice that filled the room. She had nearly all the judges mesmerized. There was only one person who did not give in to her singing. It was the judge who sat directly in front of Hannah, a girl who had shiny blonde hair, a pretty face and a slim body. She showed no expression on her face.

When the song finished, the judges applauded and was about to give their judging when the blonde girl opened her mouth to speak.

"Next." The other girls stared at her with their mouths open, while the guys stared at her with shocked eyes except for the one who sat down the end. He had jet black hair and a good build. He looked directly into Hannah's eyes. Hannah did not shy away. She looked back into his eyes.

The other judges started to put up an argument against the blonde girl's judgement. Hannah broke the contact at the same time as he did. Hannah was smiling inside, smiling that she did not lose.

"How can you say no to her??!! She's so good!!! She's probably even better than y..." The senior cut off mid sentence, knowing that if she had completed that sentence she would get in deep trouble with the blonde girl. Hannah put her hands up.

"Look. If she doesn't want me here, then I'm fine with that. It's not like I purposely wanted to join this school's choir. I was just passing by when one of your members asked me to audition." Hannah smiled and turned to the door with her hands in her pockets, "Later."


Sad to say I really hated the first few chapters of this story, but I liked it a lot more after that.

Read on~ DegeneratingFacades

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