Chapter 1 - A New School

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*Someone's P.O.V*

"OK see you after school sweetie," my mom said, as she dropped me off at my new school.

My name is Brielle and Its my First Day at McClainiac High. I wasn't even supposed to go to this school, I was supposed to be going to North Springs Charter School (This the high school, i wanna go to). But when the News got out that the McClain sisters were opening up a school JUST for their fans i just knew i had to go. I am gonna even get to meet some of my McClainiac friend from instagram.

"Hi, and welcome to your First day at McClainiac High School. As you know my name is Sierra and I am the Principal here," said principal sierra. "And now here is vice principal china, with some words."

"Hey guys! You know me China, I just wanna wish you the best first day, and that if you ever need anything just stop by my office," Said China. "And Lastly Lauryn The school counselor,"

"Welcome, new students. This will be the best High School experience you will ever have. with great teachers and staff you will achieve all," she said. "Now everyone should head to the cafeteria to get your classes and schedule." Principal Sierra said.

I got my schedule, and I had Advanced Actors Class First. As i was walking to the class I texted the group chat on instagram to see who else had this class. everyone else had different first periods except Claire. She said she had the class first. I was beyond excited. I've always wanted to be an Actress now I get to learn from real actors.

I walk into class and pick a seat, then all of a sudden Cameron Boyce walks in.

"Hello, you all know me, my name is Mr. Boyce. I am your advanced acting teacher, and i hope we have fun," Mr. Boyce said.

"Hey i'm Emma," whispered the girl next to me. "I know you, your Brielle I follow you on instagram."

"um, hi. I hope we can be friends, it's so cool that I get to go to a school full of McClainiacs. No body can make fun of me," I said. "Oh that's cool, well we better start listening because Mr. Boyce just called you," as she said that she smirked. I have a Bad feeling about that girl.

"You what's your name," Mr. Boyce asked. "Um I'm Brielle," I said. "Well miss Brielle, since you have so much time to talk you can be our example," Mr. Boyce told me. I got up and walked to the front of the class. "Now what I need you to do is say for real, not like your happy, but like you scared," Mr. Boyce told me.

"F-For Real?" I said in a cowering voice, and with a scared face. "Awesome! They were right when they told me you had skills," Mr. Boyce cheered.

After the class was finished I had Math, which was hard. After math I had Music which I was so excited about, because Mr. McClain teaches it.

"Hello class I'm Mr. McClain, and I'm a music producer. I hope we have a good year," he said

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