Rant 7 : Names That Give Away The Plot

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" The Bad boy loves me"

" The Bad boy is in a gang"

" I slapped the bad boy in the face"

" Kidnapped by the bad boy"

" The Bad boy is a wolf"

" The Bad boy is a vampire"

" The Bad boy is sexy"

" I kicked the bad boy in the balls"

" The Bad boy helped me Carry my books"

" I punched the bad boy"

" I hate the bad boy's girlfriend"

" The Bad boy loves me because I'm pretty"

" The Bad boy stole my diary because I insulted him by mistake"

" I verbally attacked the bad boy"

" The Bad boy snatched my pencil case"

" The Bad boy loves my shoes"

" The Bad boy can fly"

" The Bad boy burped"

"The bad boy and I got married, had 15 kids and were later killed during a zombie apocalypse"

Me : Stop blaming the bad boy for everything.

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