Chapter Twenty-Eight

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EMMA GOT TO WORK INSTANTLY, sitting me down and expanding her makeup equipment on Jen's desk. She moved fast, enthusiastically.

"I love doing makeup on your face," she revealed while powdering my cheeks with blush.

"It's because she's the one that needs it the most," Sam joked, and me and Jen laughed.

Emma tsked, holding my chin gently but firmly. "Don't laugh. It makes you move."

I groaned but stayed put while the other girls worked on themselves. Jen put on her music playlist and took out snacks. We had plenty of time to enjoy ourselves while getting ready. Downstairs, Spartacus barked a couple of times, and I heard the parents chattering.

I wondered what Adam was doing. Did he have to get ready so early, or did he need less time? Suddenly, I felt jittery at the thought of actually going to Homecoming with him. I was so preoccupied with everything that I never gave it much introspection. How would it go? What would we talk about? Our conversations were never forced before. I didn't know how to dance. Was he also nervous? All kinds of thoughts that never crossed my mind intruded my head, and I couldn't remember why I was so confident about this at first.

"Riles, whatever it is you're thinking about, stop it. You're biting your lips and it's ruining your lipstick," Emma chided, grabbing the lipstick to reapply some.

"How am I supposed to behave at Homecoming?" 

Sam's eyebrow arched as she considered me. "What's that supposed to mean? Just act human."

I laughed again.

Emma shot her a glare. "Stop making her laugh! You're going to make her look like a demented Barbie doll!"

Jen sat on her bed, waving a curling iron around her head. "Are you worried about your date with my brother, by any chance?" Her smile looked wicked.

"Kind of," I confessed. "I like him, but I just realized we don't know each other so well and all..."

She gave me the driest look I've ever seen on a person. "You mean, after hours of nonstop texting until three in the morning and having chemistry together - literally and figuratively, you don't know each other at least a little to have an idea where this is going?"

"You got me there."

"Riley, just relax," she told me optimistically. "You're going to be fine. My brother really appreciates you. Same goes for you, I'm sure you like him more than you're willing to admit to yourself. You two go really well together."

Emma moved onto my hair, listening to every word. She began braiding a quarter of my hair. I didn't know what to say to that, so I simply thanked her for putting my nerves at ease.

"Besides," Sam interjected while plucking at her brow. "Pretty much everyone at school can see it coming. They just know you guys have a thing. They're not sure because they've seen you around with Luc, though. It's all over the blog chat."

Annoyance drew a wince on my features, exasperating Emma. Why was Oakwood High so invested in my personal life? Was this because I was the newbie? I was getting really tired of it.

"I hope you three know at least the truth. I hate Luc's guts and he has the emotional spectrum of a metal teaspoon."

Emma choked on a giggle and moved on to braiding another section. "Well, that's one way to put it."

I wondered how Emma managed to endure Luc when they used to be "closer". I'd known him for a little over a month and I'd already sell him to Satan if I could. Or push him off a cliff. He'd probably survive that, though.

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