Episode 2 Comment Challenge

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Feeling inspired by the second episode of the new series of Doctor Who? We have another challenge for you! 

Imagine you were invited into the TARDIS by the Thirteenth Doctor. Describe the moment you first step inside and your reaction when you realise it's bigger on the inside!

Leave us a comment and we'll feature a selection on our profile. Some thought starters to help you:

- What is your reaction to the TARDIS interior? Shock? Surprise? Confusion? Delight?

- What is the first thing you say to the Doctor? E.g. "It's bigger on the inside!"

- Would you ask the Doctor to take you anywhere? If so, where? Past, present or future? 

Submit your stories by Friday 19th October at 11:59 BST.

The third episode of the new series will air Sunday 21st October.  

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