A Union for Life

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Salvatore looked at Aryan who was seeing him in a new light. He can see why this man wouldn't associate emotions with sex. 

"Do you know who I am?" asked Salvatore dangerously as he grabbed Aryan's chin. Aryan swatted his hand away but shook his head. 

"I only know what you and dad said and what I have seen," said Aryan.

"Are you not even curious before you went and decided to marry me?" asked Salvatore practically scoffing at the last part.

"But I know one thing, that you are not my enemy, nor do you pose any danger to me. I am also curious," said Aryan.

Salvatore grabbed Aryan close to him.

"How can you be so sure that I wouldn't hurt you?" asked Salvatore.

Aryan looked where Salvatore was holding him and nodded to it.

"Yeah you are holding it tight, there is a trickle of blood even, but well, you see- Aryan yanked his hand away and almost fell before Salvatore caught him. Aryan looked at Salvatore who was holding him in his arms around his waist, ensuring that he does not fall and snorted. He placed his hand around Salvatore's neck and looked at the man.

"See, going beyond the call of duty to protect me, my hero," said Aryan looking at Salvatore, a teasing edge on his voice as he said it.

"I am no hero Aryan, I am the nightmare of many people. You have seen me kill in cold blood and that is my mercy. Do you even know how anger look like?' said Salvatore.

"And your revenge?" asked Aryan leaving Salvatore silent for a moment.

"I - when I raised it with dad I was furious at you and I - I thought maybe you would love me with time or I can always say no before the wedding," said Aryan.

Salvatore looked at him.

"I don't love anyone in this world and I never will. I am incapable of that and you are barking up the wrong tree. With me you will never have anything you want or desire," said Salvatore.

"Don't be so dramatic," said Aryan.

"Oh, well, have you heard if the Capo, Aryan?" asked Salvatore.

"Of course who hasn't," asked Aryan surprised.

"It's me, Salvatore El Manzoni," said Salvatore and looked at Aryan whose hand fell from his shoulder and he was looking at him in shock.

"Not so romantic now is it. I hope you learned your lesson this time Aryan. And you don't have to keep me to have this safety cocoon. I know you are man enough to deal with this shit from Dapones when you have outrun them five times in the past. I promised your dad I will watch over you and I will, till my last breath," said Salvatore and walked out.


Aryan sat on his bed, silent as he thought about his decisions over and over. He liked Salvatore. He was done being in denial. The fact that he is the most powerful mafia don in the world doesn't change it.


Salvatore felt an emptiness in him he has never felt before and he was not going to spend his time trying to figure it out.


The next one week Aryan was silent. He rarely spoke to Salvatore and when they did it was totally professional. Aryan realised he needed time to come in terms with the shifts in his life and distancing himself from Salvatore and taking his time to evaluate the situation and his feelings seemed to be the better option. He was not in love with Salvatore, no. But he was sure that he will be there soon.

It was an empowering thought. It made him capable of setting his life in order. Salvatore, he knew was under the impression that he has convinced Aryan to back off. He was going to live with that man or he was going to die trying.


Salvatore saw Aryan was dozing off in the car. "Keep the seat back Boss or you are going to get your headshot at," said Salvatore.

Aryan just grumbled too gone into the sleep to care. Salvatore sighed. He bent across and tightened the belt around Aryan and lowered the seat.

He had been in his office room at home all day yesterday and he can see the after effects now. Salvatore was well aware of all the eyes on him. He chose to ignore it. He knew they all talked.

The attack was unexpected. He had to wake up Aryan who was all cool. 

"Now, leave with the guards, we are almost rounded and you being here-" started Salvatore

"I am not going anywhere so don't waste your breath," said Aryan and Salvatore glared at him and Aryan glared back.

Salvatore grabbed Aryan and ensured that he was not away from a hand's reach. Aryan was amused despite himself. The guy was looking at the surroundings and there was the fire in his eyes. 

Aryan saw the fire and he was mesmerized. He made a promise he would keep even in his death. He would only belong to this stupid arrogant, stuck up, selectively silent, stone-hearted man who kills in cold blood. He didn't care if that sounded insane because that man has only ever looked at him with the intention of protecting him and he could hear that heartbeats well enough, now his ear pressed against the man's heart as he crouched, following Salvatore's instructions.

Once it was safe to move, Salvatore turned and Aryan froze. There were bullet wounds on his arm and shoulder.

They took him to hospital. Once the bullets were removed and the stitches were done, Salvatore insisted on leaving. Aryan glared at him as he walked in hearing Salvatore scare away the doctors.

"Good, you are here. We are leaving," said Salvatore.

"No, we are not. We are going to stay right here and you are going to calm down," said Aryan and sat down next to Salvatore.

"They really need to know if there are any internal bleedings. Just wait one bloody night and we will go home tomorrow," said Aryan.

"Whatever," snapped Salvatore and looked away.

The doctors and other staff left.

Salvatore felt Aryan's hand on his chest and after looking at the wounds, he pulled the comforter over him.

"I am not incapacitated," said Salvatore.

"Sure you are not!" said Aryan.

"Oh, are we talking now?" asked Salvatore venomously. He had been furious when Aryan was silent throughout the week.

"Did you care?" asked Aryan.

"Why would I?" scoffed Salvatore.

Aryan looked at Salvatore and pressed a kiss to his forehead and Salvatore was frozen. No one other than Avanidnra and Venkat has kissed him like that. He was 10, the last time someone gave him such a warm kiss. 

Aryan's face was too close and he was looking at Salvatore.

"I had wanted to ask you something. When are you getting me my ring?" asked Aryan.

Salvatore looked at him.

"I thought you were over that foolishness," said Salvatore.

Aryan gave a small smile as he pressed his face close to Salvatore's.

"My decision is not going to change even if you were a murderous megalomaniac," said Aryan.

"Oh, you think I am better than that?" asked Salvatore scoffing even as he tilted his head up and sniffed Aryan's face. 

"I don't care either way," said Aryan.

Salvatore turned his face, furious at himself for giving in that one moment when he had Aryan's face so close to his.

"You better know what you are choosing because Aryan, I am going to get you that ring," said Salvatore.

Aryan who was now moving Salvatore's medicines in the counter turned and looked at Salvatore. Salvatore did not break the eye contact and then Aryan smiled and walked closer to him.

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